Dr Rosa Letizia

Lancaster UniversityAdditive manufuring scaffolding of complex millimetre-wave components for space and wireless communications

Dr Wenqing Liu

Royal Holloway,University of LondonA Solution for Robust Nano-Electronics: Topological Protection

Dr Richard Mar​tin

Aston UniversityDeveloping bioactive glasses for bone cancer therapy

Dr Mi​n Pan

University of BathDigital Hydraulic Converters for Next Generation Fluid Power Transmission Technology

Dr William Sm​ith

University of YorkModel-based computer vision meets deep learning

Dr Konstantinos Tsavdaridis

University of LeedsFlexible and resilient 3D printed metallic connections for modular buildings

Dr Tuck Seng Wong

University of Sheffield FlexiChem: Feedstock Flexibility in Chemical Manufacturing


Dr Michail Matthaiou

Queen's University BelfastUltra-reliable, low latency machine-to-machine communications

Dr Benedict David Rogers

University of ManchesterTrue multi-phase modelling of wet-natural hazards: water, debris and people

Dr Russell Goodall

University of SheffieldNovel strategies for designing alloyed metals (NoStraDAMUS)

Dr David Barrie Thomas

Imperial College LondonSelf-verifying digital IP-Cores for mathematical functions

Dr George Adamopoulos

Lancaster UniversitySolution-processed ferroelectric field effect transistors for memory applications

Dr Nima Shokri

University of ManchesterQuantifying the effects of salt precipitation on evaporation from soil

Dr Manosh Paul

University of GlasgowNext generation advanced gasification technology


Dr Riaz Akhtar

University of LiverpoolA novel approach to identifying risk of rare aortic diseases

Dr Ioannis Andreopoulos

University College LondonCompressed-domain deep learning for video (CODEL-VIDEO)

Professor Helen Hastie

Heriot-Watt UniversityIntelligent iNteraCtion for Autonomy (INCA)

Dr Alton Horsfall

University of NewcastleElectronically readable Quantum sensors

Professor Mark Leake

University of YorkStudying the molecule of life using molecular engineering tools

Dr Aleksey Rozhin

Aston UniversityHybrid Photonic Gas Sensors with Functionalised Carbon Nanomaterials

Dr Jin Sun

University of Edinburgh4D printing using programmable soft materials: from rheology to technology


Mr James Covington

University of WarwickHow does the future smell?

Dr Kevin Curran

Ulster UniversityDevice-free Location-oriented Activity Identification in the home

Dr Raul Fuentes

University of LeedsDeveloping infrastructure robotics - a low-cost small robot for infrastructure inspection

Dr Christopher Keylock

University of SheffieldCharacterising the complexity of environmental, turbulent flows

Dr Denis Kramer

University of SouthamptonGlass-fibre solar redox receiver for grid-scale electricity provision

Dr Jonathan Pearson

University of WarwickCoastal flood risks under extreme events: Creating resilience through retrofitting

Dr Fang Xie

Imperial College LondonNanoscale Engineering of Photoelectrodes for Whole Spectrum Light Harvesting


Dr Peter Dudek

University of ManchesterAnalog computation with novel nanodevices for machine learning          

Dr Stephen Garrett

University of LeicesterUnderstanding transition in boundary-layer flows over rotating geometries     

Dr Chengfeng Li

Swansea UniversityReal-time computational methods for complex high-fidelity surgical simulation

Dr Cyril Lynsdale

University of SheffieldRecycling of carbon dioxide in mortar and concrete

Dr Rachel Oliver

University of CambridgeUnderstanding and utilising nitride nanostructures       

Dr Justin Phillips

City University LondonA non-invasive continuous monitor of intracranial pressure

Dr Aleksandra Vuckovic

University of GlasgowHome-based patient-managed neurorehabilitation following spinal cord injury


Dr Haofeng Chen

University of StrathclydeModelling the fatigue and creep of metal matrix composite

Dr Marianne Ellis

University of BathScale-up of immune cell therapies for organ transplants

Dr Paola Lettieri

University College LondonA life cycle approach for nuclear waste management and plant decommissioning

Dr Dmitry Nerukh

Aston UniversityPersonal supercomputer for modelling complete virus at all atom resolution

Professor Thomas Nowotny

University of SussexEnabling scientific computing with GPUs with domain specific languages and metacompilers

Dr David Sanders TD

University of PortsmouthImproving mobility and quality of life for children with disabilities

Dr Sebastian Savory

University College LondonRealising the capacity in fibre-optic networks with uncertainty and nonlinearity


Dr Steve Burrow

University of BristolEnergy harvesting for wireless sensors in turbulent flows

Dr Alexandros Feresidis

University of BirminghamTHz reconfigurable antennas for communication and imaging systems

Dr Geoff Moggridge

University of CambridgeEngineering anisotropic polymer nano-composites for improved prosthetic heart valves

Dr Nick Pears

University of York3D Face Modelling for Surgical Planning, Guidance and Assessment

Dr Helen Treharne

University of SurreyFormal Modelling Technology for the analysis of European Rail Traffic Management Systems

Dr Dagou Zeze

University of DurhamNanoscale characterisation and integration platform for nanowires

Dr Yonghao Zhang

University of StrathclydeA Platform for Enabling Highly Automated and Integrated Microdroplet Technologies


Dr Li Bai

University of NottinghamComputational Studies of Neurovascular Pathway to Neurodegeneration

Dr Damien Coyle

University of UlsterAssessing the Neural Correlates of Motor Learning and Control: Towards Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfaces for Assistance and Rehabilitation

Dr Julie Gough

University of ManchesterMagnesium Alloys for Orthopaedic Applications

Dr Paul Grassia

University of ManchesterRheology and Dewatering of Sheared Suspensions

Dr Lev Sarkisov

University of EdinburghComputer Simulation of Adsorption in Flexible and Stimuli Responsive Metal-Organic Frameworks

Dr Pieter de Wilde

University of PlymouthSimulated and Measured Building Performance: Bridging the Gap

Dr Rachel Williams

University of LiverpoolA Cross Disciplinary Approach to Address Vision Loss – Development of Bioengineering for Ocular Surface and Retinal Disease