In January 2018, the Academy launched This is Engineering to help address the UK’s persistent skills and diversity shortfall. After 35 million views of the campaign films, 72% of teens who have seen them say that they would consider a career in engineering, compared to 39% before the campaign launched.

This year, we continue to make new films to engage young people, but we are also setting ourselves a new challenge: to change the image of the engineer and engineering among the wider public, and counter the narrow stereotype of engineering as a field dominated by white men in hard hats. Put 'engineer' into any search engine and the results offer a very narrow view of the profession, one that that lacks diversity: in the faces of the people, and in the disciplines of engineering represented.

Our ambition is to work with the whole profession to change the mix of images in online search results for the word 'engineer'. We’ve declared 6 November, in the middle of Tomorrow’s Engineers Week, This is Engineering Day - to fire the starting gun on this challenge and publicly celebrate more diverse and representative images of engineers online and offline.

If you’d like to support this ambition, there are several ways you can get involved:


Before the day

  • Contribute to our new library of more representative images of engineers and engineering, which will be launched to the public on This is Engineering Day. For more on the images we need, see the brief here
  • Sign our pledge on behalf of your organisation to make more representative images of engineers and engineering more visible to the public


On the day

  • Share a supportive message on social media, or share our Tweets and Instagram posts – you’ll find them by following us on Twitter @ThisIsEng and on Instagram @ThisIsEngineering once the channel launches in October. Don’t forget to use the #ThisIsEngineering hashtag!
  • Showcase our This is Engineering content, or your own inspiring images of engineers and engineering, to the public in whatever way you can – this includes through social media and websites, but for some organisations it might also mean using advertising space, retail space, newsletters and magazines
  • Join in with our image change challenge. To improve the visibility of more representative images of engineers and engineering, follow our SEO guidelines


More information on all of the above can be found in our This is Engineering Day toolkit. Please spread the word and encourage other engineers to show their support.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at