Lewis Hamilton MBE HonFREng

Six-time Formula One World Champion, Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

Lewis Hamilton MBE HonFREngLewis Hamilton is an inspiring role model for young people in the UK and around the world. Lewis won his sixth Formula One World Champion title at the US Grand Prix on 3 November 2019. As the only black Formula One driver, and one who has come from a working-class background, Lewis has broken down barriers and demonstrates that those from non-traditional upbringings can succeed at the highest level. This success is fuelled by a relentless pursuit of excellence, the hallmark of an engineer.

While the fuel of his success may be his pursuit of excellence, the foundation of his accomplishments is engineering. Throughout his career he has worked at the cutting edge of technology. In constant back and forth communication with different teams of engineers in Formula One, Lewis has literally road-tested innovations in a practical setting. The result of this teamwork is an engine which is widely considered the best in a highly competitive field, and with which he is tackling the 2019 racing season. He talks openly about working closely with his team, and his regular factory visits and weekly meetings with engineers to discuss ideas for improvements are typical of his hands-on approach to solving technical problems. Lewis has always championed the integral role engineering has played in his success.

Over the past decade, Lewis has continuously made time for causes close to his heart, such as the Make A Wish foundation, and regularly invites young people and their families to join him at his Grand Prix races. He is also a partner of Unicef, who he began supporting over seven years ago, and has worked with Save the Children, helping them focus attention on children out of school around the world. Lewis regularly attends charitable events and has supported projects and charities such as Red Nose Day, the Small Steps Project, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Stevenage’s Keech Hospice Care's children's service, amongst others.

Looking to the future, Lewis sees himself relentlessly chasing perfection on track, but knows at some point he will need to look beyond F1. His against-the-odds rise to the top of Formula 1 has made Lewis fiercely committed to help youths unleash their potential, wherever it lies and no matter their background – to help them to embrace their difference.