2020 - Cohort 5 

Professor Richard Dinsdale 

Bio-Electrochemical Process Engineering for Carbon Reduction and Resource Recovery: E-Hance
University of South Wales (2020-2030)




Professor Susan Gourvenec

Intelligent and Resilient Ocean Engineering
University and Southampton (2019-2029)




Professor Natalio Krasnogor

Engineering Data Structures Organoids (EnDROIDS)
Newcastle University (2020-2030)




Professor Ian Saxley Metcalfe FREng 

Engineering chemical reactor technologies for a low-carbon energy future
Newcastle University (2020-2030)




Professor Alessandro Olivo 

Micro-radian x-ray scattering: transformative technology for industrial and medical diagnostics
University College London (2019-2029)




Professor Themis Prodromakis 

Memristive Technologies for Lifelong Learning Embedded AI Hardware (AI MeTLLE)
University of Southampton (2019-2029)




Professor Danail Stoyanov 

Robotic Actuated Imaging Skins
University College London (2019-2029)




Professor Magda Titirici

Sustainable Energy Materials for Emerging Technologies
Imperial College London (2020-2030)




2019 - Cohort 4

Professor Judith Driscoll FREng 

Scaleable ultralow power memory through materials innovation
University of Cambridge (2019-2029)




Professor Alejandro Frangi 

Computational precision medicine for in silico trials of medical devices
University of Leeds (2019-2029)




Professor Daniele Faccio 

Artificial intelligence and quantum-inspired imaging
University of Glasgow (2019-2029)




Professor Peter Lee

Transforming additive manufacturing via multiscale in-situ imaging (TAMMI)
University College London (2019-2029)




Professor Barry Lennox FREng 

Transforming operations in the nuclear industry using robotics 
University of Manchester (2019-2029)




Professor Keith Mathieson 

Neural interfaces for the understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative conditions
University of Strathclyde (2019-2029)




Professor Guy-Bart Stan 

Accelerating engineering biology: efficient engineering of reliable and high-performance biosystems
Imperial College London (2019-2029)




2018- Cohort 3

Professor Susan Rosser

  • Engineered cells for combined diagnostics and therapeutics
  • University of Edinburgh (2018-2028)




Professor Jonathan Rossiter

  • Smart materials and mechanisms for ubiquitous soft robotics
  • University of Bristol (2018-2028)




Professor Timothy Denison

  • Brain engineering: towards closed-loop, non-invasive bioelectronic therapies for neurological disorders
  • University of Oxford (2018-2028)




Professor Colin Robert McInnes MBE FREng FRSE

  • Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies: Space
  • University of Glasgow (2018-2028)




Professor Alessio Lomuscio

  • Trusted learning-based autonomous and robotic systems
  • Imperial College London (2018-2028)




Professor Paul Shearing

  • Emerging battery technologies for next generation energy storage
  • University College London (2018-2028)




Professor Brian David Gerardot

  • Integrated two-dimensional classical and quantum photonics
  • Heriot-Watt University (2018-2028)




Professor Sriram Subramanian

  • Interactive technologies using metamaterials
  • University of Sussex (2018-2028)




Professor Ana Lucia Caneca Cavalcanti

  • Software Engineering for Robotics: modelling, validation, simulation, and testing
  • University of York (2018-2028)




Professor Michael Fisher

Responsible Autonomous Systems

University of Liverpool (2019-2029)




Professor Yiannis Demiris

Personal Assistive Robots

Imperial College London (2019-2029)




2013- Cohort 2

Professor Jeremy O’Brien
  • Photonic Quantum ICT
  • University of Bristol (2013-2023)

Professor Jeremy O'Brien's website

2009- Cohort 1

Professor Anne Neville FREng FRSE FIMechE
  • Bioinspiration for Functional Surface Design
  • University of Leeds (2009-2019)

Professor Anne Neville's website