Our 2020-2025 strategy is Engineering for a sustainable society and inclusive economy. This means:


Sustainable society

A sustainable society is one in which development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Engineers have a vital role to play in creating systems and solutions to address the climate crisis and support more sustainable use and management of natural resources.

Engineers are also drivers of economic opportunity, leveraging advances in research to develop and deliver new products, services and enterprises that generate jobs and value to society.

Our goals for a sustainable society are that:  

  • Engineers are influential agents of change in the drive for a more sustainable society, providing leadership both within and beyond the UK
  • More and better engineering and technology solutions are being developed and deployed to support faster decarbonisation and more sustainable use of resources
  • Engineering expertise and systems approaches are embedded in policy and wider societal responses to sustainability challenges, improving the rate of progress


Inclusive economy

In an inclusive economy, the fruits of prosperity are shared across all regions and groups in society, with engineering serving as an enabler of improvements to people’s lives.

An inclusive economy is also internationally competitive and resilient to technological changes and threats to public health, security, safety and stability.

Our goals for an inclusive economy are that:

  • The UK has a world-leading and truly inclusive engineering workforce that sets the highest standard for technical excellence, ethics and professionalism
  • Engineering innovation and enterprise are improving productivity, competitiveness, public health, safety and security while delivering economic and social value for people from all parts of the UK
  • Policymakers and the public have embraced engineering as a key driver of prosperity and policies are in place that support a secure, resilient and balanced UK economy


A National Academy with a global outlook

Accelerating progress towards a sustainable society needs to be considered in a global context to be meaningful.

The primary focus of our aspiration to stimulate an inclusive economy will be on improving opportunity within the UK.

Both aims will be supported by our international partnerships and activities, which provide valuable routes to gaining insights and intelligence, promoting UK engineering excellence, exchanging best practice and developing collaborations that address shared priorities.