The biennial prize will be awarded to an individual, based in the UK, for excellence in materials engineering demonstrated by the successful application of novel materials science and technology in practical engineering systems. A cash prize of £2,000 is made to the winner. 

The prize was established with kind support from the Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers.


Nominations are now closed. 

All nominations are made via our online system:

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Professor Serena Best CBE FREng

Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials, University of Cambridge

Materials engineer Professor Serena Best CBE FREng has received the 2019 Armourers and Brasiers’ Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering for successfully using biomaterials to replace and help to regenerate human tissue. Her research has focused on ways to enable the body to repair itself, by encouraging cells to assist in the regeneration process, going further than more established biomaterials that are used only for repair. The innovative materials science ideas and developments have resulted in practical, clinical products that have profoundly benefitted patients worldwide.

Armourers and Brasiers - news release 2019


Professor Mohan Edirisinghe FREng

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College London

Professor Mohan Edirisinghe FREng has spent his 25-year career developing new methods to manufacture advanced materials in response to industry requirements, in particular healthcare. As medical devices have become smaller, Professor Edirisinghe has developed novel techniques for producing materials at the micro- and nano-scale with features, such as bubbles and particles that are many times smaller than the width of a human hair.Mohan Edirisinghe has systematically and continuously pioneered both fundamental and user-inspired engineering research, leading to remarkable progress and international excellence in processing and forming advanced materials.

Armourers and Brasiers Prize - news release 2017