This is Engineering is a multi-year campaign led by the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with EngineeringUK and twelve major engineering organisations to encourage more young people, from all backgrounds, to consider engineering careers.

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About the campaign

Engineering is an exciting, varied and rewarding career, and yet the UK has a shortage of young people applying for engineering courses and engineering jobs. One of the prime reasons for this shortage is that many people hold outdated views of what engineering is, and what engineers do.

This is Engineering challenges those misconceptions, by presenting a positive image of modern engineering. Through real young engineers it illustrates how engineering is behind many of the things they are already interested in – sport, fashion and tech for example – and that they can follow what they love into engineering, and in doing so help shape the future.

At the heart of This is Engineering are a series of short videos, each profiling a young engineer who is doing something remarkable.

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Highlights of the campaign

This is Engineering is successfully changing the perceptions of engineering for young people. A survey of GCSE and A Level students following the first year of the campaign revealed that consideration of engineering as a career option has now almost doubled among those teenagers surveyed, and the increase is even more significant among females and BAME students.

The survey also shows that:

  • 23% of students recalled seeing the campaign, with almost three-quarters of those going on to talk about it with others, share it on social media, or explore more online
  • The campaign improved knowledge about what engineers do, and raised the status of careers in engineering among young people
  • 72% of teens would now consider a career in engineering – a significant increase on 39% of those surveyed before the launch of the campaign


2018 key statistics

In the first year of This is Engineering:

  • Videos were watched over 28 million times in total
  • The campaign received over 800,000 additional engagements on social media (including likes, retweets, and comments)
  • 90% of video views were from 13-17 year olds, and 95% from 13-24 year olds. 50% of the audience was female


Where next?

The campaign launched in 2018, the Year of Engineering, with bold advertising on social media platforms to challenge young people (13-18) to reconsider what engineering really looks like. 2019 builds on the proven strengths of This is Engineering with the release of further films while growing reach and engagement with audiences on social media.

Supporting PR will encourage parents and teachers to talk about engineering in positive ways with young people, and also communicate the skills and diversity challenge to policy makers and business leaders. We are also working on plans to build a This is Engineering image bank and expand how This is Engineering is used for events and engagement activities.


A multi-faceted solution to a complex problem

This is Engineering is part of a wider programme of Academy work to address the engineering skills crisis. This includes our work with engineering employers to improve diversity and inclusion, and the development of policy advice to address barriers in the education system to young people pursuing engineering careers. As part of this policy work, we developed a 10-point action plan, informed by young people, to help inspire future generations of engineers. The plan contains recommendations for schools, employers and policymakers on careers, work experience, and further education.

This is Engineering - 10 point action plan

Further policy work in 2019 will explore these and other recommendations in more depth.


This is Engineering has been made possible thanks to the generous support of the Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering and our corporate partners.

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To find out more about the Engineering Talent project, or how to get involved, please contact Daniel Rossall Valentine, Head of the Engineering Talent Project.