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It is evident that the COVID-19 pandemic poses an unprecedented global challenge for us all, impacting greatly on health, wellbeing, daily life and the economy. 

The Academy's COVID-19 positive response programme was created to support the global response to the outbreak, as we recognise that engineers can make pivotal contributions, by identifying and developing innovative solutions, from rapid manufacture of ventilators to personal protective equipment (PPE).


How you can help

This time of crisis calls for an extraordinary response from society. With existing funds, we have rapidly been able to adapt our focus to drive the Academy’s response to this pandemic and start new projects both in the UK and internationally. 

Please consider making a gift to the Academy to support more projects like the ones below. Your donation will help us solve critical challenges and assist the public health response to this pandemic. Donate today.

Current projects

Project CARE (COVID-19 African Rapid Entrepreneurs)

Supporting engineering entrepreneurs to make and supply PPE for healthcare facilities in sub-Saharan Africa where the density of urban populations and lack of adequate hygiene and healthcare resources could present even more extreme and dangerous challenges

Advice to government

The Academy, with our partners in the National Engineering Policy Centre, has been providing advice to government on a range of areas relating to COVID-19