The celebration of engineering excellence is at the heart of the Royal Academy of Engineering's work. 

Awards given by the Royal Academy of Engineering seek to recognise and reward the very best of engineering talent whose achievements have a huge impact on society. 

Nominations are now closed and will reopen again in Autumn 2020. 

Online nominations system

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Colin Campbell Mitchell Award

For an engineer or small team of engineers who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of any field of UK engineering

Major Project Award

For a team that has played a critical role in a major engineering project that has had substantial impact on society

Rooke Award

For the public promotion of engineering by an individual, small team or project

Individual medals

Silver Medal

For an outstanding personal contribution to UK engineering by an early to mid-career engineer resulting in market exploitation

Prince Philip Medal

For exceptional contributions to engineering through practice, management or education

President's Medal

For an Academy Fellow who has greatly contributed to the Academy’s work and aims

International Medal

For outstanding and sustained personal achievement in engineering by an individual who is neither a UK resident nor a British citizen