Engineering for a sustainable society and inclusive economy

In collaboration with our Fellows and partners, we’re growing talent and developing skills for the future, driving innovation and building global partnerships, and influencing policy and engaging the public.

Read our strategy for 2020-2025 here (2.24 MB)

Together we’re working to tackle the greatest challenges of our age. By 2025 we will have helped to build a sustainable society and inclusive economy through:


Talent and diversity

We’ll grow talent by training, supporting, mentoring and funding the most talented and creative researchers, innovators and leaders from across the engineering profession – with an aim to help over 7,500 professionals to enhance their leadership skills.

We’ll develop skills for the future by identifying the challenges of an ever-changing world and developing the skills and ideas we need to build a resilient and diverse engineering profession. We’ve set ourselves a target to work with over 500 engineering businesses and organisations to champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace.



We’ll drive innovation by investing in some of the UK’s most creative and exciting engineering ideas and businesses. In partnership with industry, entrepreneurs and academia, we’re on course to support the growth of more than 500 companies through our Enterprise Hub.

We’ll build global partnerships that bring the world’s best engineers from industry, entrepreneurship and academia together to address the greatest global challenges of our age. As a leading voice in engineering and technology, we’re working to build networks and partnerships in over 40 countries, across six continents.


Policy and engagement

We’ll influence policy through the National Engineering Policy Centre – providing independent and expert guidance to government, drawing on the expertise and creativity of over 450,000 engineers. In our 2020-25 strategy we’ve committed to working with over 1,000 policymakers in the UK and internationally to improve people’s lives.

We’ll engage the public by opening their eyes to the wonders of engineering and inspiring young people to become the next generation of engineers. Through campaigns like This is Engineering, we’re changing perceptions of the profession and by 2025, we’ll have helped a million young people – from every background in the UK – to explore a career in engineering.