Current activities

The Academy’s development activities aim to build the reach and capacity of its programmes. Examples of these programmes, many of which receive generous support from government, companies, charitable trusts and other private donors, can be found in our Case studies.



Attracting more young people to all levels of engineering is essential to:

  • UK prosperity
  • The quality of everyday lives
  • Finding solutions to global challenges

The Royal Academy of Engineering is exceptionally placed, and committed, to tackling the longstanding issues affecting the supply of engineers. The Academy's aim is to bring about significant and sustained improvements, including long-term policy and attitudinal change.

To inspire the next generation and increase the pipeline of engineers, the Academy supports a range of educational programmes and initiatives at all levels of education. It uses its leadership role and significant knowledge and expertise to partner with government, industry, professional bodies and charitable foundations.

Academy activities embrace:

  • Widening participation in engineering, particularly by women
  • Addressing the skills challenge by investing in engineering further education and by promoting the vital role of technicians
  • Nurturing talent by seeking out the highest-calibre leaders and role models of tomorrow
  • Improving engineering education by promoting better teaching and learning at every age and every level

Some examples of Academy educational activities can be found in our Case studies.

The Academy is very grateful to its many corporate and private funders for their continuing and valuable support.


Society and government

The Academy provides a wide range of activities promoting links between engineering, government and wider society, including:

  • Inclusion of engineering in relevant national and global policymaking
  • Informed debate and dialogue
  • Providing advice at both national and international level
  • Informing debate and dialogue


Research and enterprise

The Academy’s Research programmes, supported by industry and government, play a major role in building the UK’s national capabilities in strategic and emerging technologies.

The Academy's Enterprise Hub harnesses the expertise, insight and networks of Academy Fellows to support the UK's most promising engineering entrepreneurs.


Funding opportunities

The Academy seeks further partnerships with business and other funders, with an emphasis on bringing together partners, so that a greater and sustained impact is attained.