Next, we brought together a panel of decision makers, including BP, Siemens and Rolls-Royce, to discuss their strategies and challenges, with questions from the audience. This session brought to light some of the key challenged funders faced, and possible solutions.


Panel participants

  • Ian Duffy, Head of UK communications and community development, BP
  • Paul Broadhead, Head of Community Investment & Education Outreach, Rolls-Royce
  • Alex James, Schools, Education and Outreach, Siemens 


Key Challenges for corporate funders Proposed solutions for corporate funders
Corporates do not always know what good engagement looks like, making it difficult to choose organisations to fund especially in a crowded landscape Simplify engagement for smaller projects and SMEs e.g. by creating local clusters that encourage collaboration
Businesses often have varied priorities and different purposes for engagement, including employee engagement, corporate reputation and inspiring the next generation Build a balanced picture of what impact good engagement can deliver for your business, using both quantitative and qualitative evaluation
Time constraints are a factor, as funding is usually only available during certain times of the year Take time to plan longer term, and reflect on past projects, to ensure investment is directed at what works
  Make engagement a core company value
  Professionalise engagement by dedicating corporate staff to public engagement