Engineering better care

The product of a joint project between the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Academy of Medical Sciences, and the Royal College of Physicians, this work explores how a systems engineering approach could be applied to health and social care. Co-produced by engineers, clinicians, and health and care leaders, it presents a new framework to support healthcare design and improvement. The framework systematically takes into account people, systems, design, and risk perspectives, and is designed to support the development of healthcare systems that better meet the needs of patients, carers and NHS staff.

Engineering better care (7.26 MB)

Professional engineering governance

A briefing paper, published in 2012, addressing the role engineers play in making strategic high-level decisions in a wide range of organisations from private companies, both big and small, and government agencies. Based on responses from a number of Fellows of the Academy the report discusses why engineering advice is important, the risks associated with inadequate engineering advice and how such advice can be sourced and used.

Professional engineering governance: the critical need for quality engineering advice in the boardroom (2.50 MB)

UK procurement

This project explored best practice in procurement across government and industry, and looks at how government procurement can stimulate innovation and growth. Through a series of workshops bringing together key figures in government and engineering practice, the key issues in improving procurement are explored – from managing risk to changing behaviour. The project report was published in 2014.

Public projects and procurement in the UK: sharing experience and changing practice (330.69 KB)

Space weather: impacts on engineered systems, infrastructure and society 

Extreme space weather events have recently been identified as an important risk to the UK’s national infrastructure and in 2011 they were, for the first time, included as part of the National Risk Assessment (NRA). In 2013, the Academy explored the engineering and societal impacts of extreme space weather. 

Space Weather full report (2.65 MB)

Space Weather summary report (1.43 MB)

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing

This roundtable workshop, held in 2013, explored the potential benefits of additive manufacturing processes and how they might affect the UK economy.

Additive manufacturing: opportunities and constraints (1.25 MB)

Industrial systems

The Academy carried out a study into the nature of modern industrial systems, and the place and value of manufacturing in the complex system of product design, manufacture, delivery and maintenance. A report was published in April 2012.

Industrial systems: capturing value through manufacturing (800.10 KB)