The Research and Innovation Talent Visa enables individuals with exceptional talent and exceptional promise in the fields of science, engineering, natural sciences, medical sciences, social sciences and humanities and the arts to live and work in the UK. 

Successful applicants are given a visa up to a maximum of five years, that is not tied to a specific role or organisation – providing individuals with greater flexibility and mobility to undertake world-class research and innovation in the UK.

The Royal Academy of Engineering is a Designated Competent Body (DCB); assessing applicants by drawing upon the expertise of the Academy’s Fellowship, a 1,500-strong network of world-leading engineers from both industry and academia.

When an application for endorsement for a Research and Innovation Talent Visa is made via the Home Office, the Royal Academy of Engineering assesses the application and advises the Home Office whether the individual is demonstrably ‘exceptionally talented’ or has ‘exceptional promise’. If an endorsement is granted, the final immigration decision rests with the Home Office. 

The Academy works alongside other Designated Competent Bodies to support the Home Office in identifying outstanding scholars, scientists and engineers wishing to enter the UK.

Other Designated Competent Bodies include:

The scheme is part of our mission to make the UK the leading nation for engineering innovation and businesses. Learn more in the guidance on the Tier 1 Research and Innovation Talent visa.

To fnd out more about the route, as well as the selection criteria for each of the DCBs please visit the Home Office website

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