Global Grand Challenges Summit: Satellite Events

To ensure that the Global Grand Challenges Summit is a truly global event, the Royal Academy of Engineering has held an open call to fund six international institutions to host a Satellite event which will be directly linked to the Summit in London, funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

The Royal Academy of Engineering is happy to annouce the six Global Grand Challenges Summit Satellite Events:


1. Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam

Event: Engineering in an unpredictable world: improving care of critically ill patients

Summary: The aim of this meeting is to bring together local, regional and global stakeholders in healthcare and biomedical engineering, strengthen existing partnerships and create new networks capable of designing and implementing sustainable new innovations.

GGCS Vietnam 2019


2. Makerere University, Uganda

Event: Engineering in an unpredictable world: How can transformational technologies change humanity for the better – The case for AI and transformational technologies in East Africa

Summary: The event will discuss the potential and application of AI and other transformative technologies in solving common challenges in the East African region, with a special focus on the health sector.

GGCS Uganda 2019


3. Parul University, India

Event: Challenges and Means for Educational Institutions and Engineering Professions for achieving Sustainable and Healthy India

Summary: The event will bring together stakeholders to discuss access to healthcare in combatting non-communicable diseases, access to clean water and clean and affordable energy.

GGCS India 2019


4. Mahidol University, Thailand

Event: Innogineer Predicts the World of 2050!

Summary: The event aims to promote innovation and the development of graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset. This event demonstrates the significance of “Engineering” in tackling global challenges. It will motivate young engineers to find a solution to local challenges.

GGCS Thailand 2019

GGCS Thailand 2019 - Day 1

GGCS Thailand 2019 - Day 2

GGCS Thailand 2019 - Day 3

5. Moi University, Kenya

Event: Engineering Challenges in The Dynamic Kenyan Landscape

Summary: The event aims to live stream the London event in Kenya to stimulate debate and discussions, and provide Kenyans with a platform to share challenges in an unpredictable world.

GGCS Kenya 2019


6.  CINVESTAV Unidad Guadalajara, Mexico

Event: Global Grand Challenges Satellite-Summit Mexico 2019

Summary: The event focussing on AI and other transformational technologies aims to close the gap between students, experts, innovators, entrepreneurs, and policy makers, and develop an international, regional and local ecosystem for sharing experiences and knowledge.

GGCS Mexico 2019

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