2016/2017 Awards

Tranche 3 - Awarded November 2017

Microfluidics Diagnostics for Water Quality: Applications in Decentralised Water Treatment

  • Helen Brindle, Herriot Watt University
  • Walter Karlen, ETH Zurich
  • Priayanka Jamwal, ATREE Bangalore
  • Suman Chakraborty, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Development of an affordable hand prosthesis

  • Mehran Moazen, University College London
  • Carlos Cifuentes, Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito
  • Esther Colombini, University of Campinas
  • Helge A Wurdemann, Unviersity College London
  • Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, University College London
  • Vinh-Chau V Nguyen, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Vietnam
  • George Chagaluka, Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi
  • Peter Mbiria Maina, Queen Eliizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi

BES for treating of wastewater and monitoring of effluent quality

  • Paolo Bombelli, University of Cambridge
  • Priyanka Jamwal, ATREE Bangalore
  • Chris Howe, University of Cambridge

Critical factors for facilitating capacity building for the Hand-craft women in Uganda

  • Evidoxia Viza, The University of West Scotland
  • Hindu Nabulumba, Yaaka Digital Network
  • Amadou Boly, African Development Bank
  • Million Mafuta, Universuty of Malawi - The Polytechnic
  • Katherine Kirk, The University of West Scotland
  • Dina Nziku, Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development
  • Michele Cano, The University of West Scotland
  • John Struthers, Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development
  • Thanos Kourouklis, The University of West Scotland

Blue-GreenTower Greywater Recycling Pilot for Social Housing in South Africa

  • Ana Mijic, Imperial College London
  • Andre Nel, Eco-V
  • Wouter Buytaert, Imperial College London
  • Gerrit Genis, Eco-V

Building 3D printing capacity in Kenya: Utilising a co-design approach to create products and components for essential products.

  • Timothy Whitehead, Aston University
  • Peter Mbiria, Director Voltarent Engineering Ltd. 
  • Lilac Sanjo, University of Nairobi
  • Roy Ombatti, African Born 3D Printing

Predictive monitoring of acute infectious disease in critically ill Vietnamese patients

  • Catherine Louise Thwaites, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit
  • Tingting Zhu, University of Oxford
  • Nguyen Van Vinh Chau, Hosital for Tropical Diseases, Vietnam
  • David Clifton, University of Oxford
  • Tran Duc Duong, Hospital for Tropical Diseases Vietnam
  • Le Nguyen Thanh Nhan, Children's Hospital Number 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Tools for Predicting Falls for the Elderly in Rural China

  • David Clifton, University of Oxford
  • Maoyi Tian, George Institute for Global Health
  • Tingting Zhu, University Oxford
  • Linqun Xu, China Mobile Research 

User-centred cookstove design in urban areas in Mozambique and Malawi

  • Timothy Whitehead, Aston University
  • Vanesa Castan Broto, Unviersity of Sheffield
  • Million Mafuta, University of Malawi
  • Amadou Boly, African Development Bank
  • Shaun Smith, University College London
  • Domingos Augusto Macucule, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane

Bio-impedance for Detection of Fluid Status in Dengue

  • Catherine Louise Thwaites, Oxford University Clinical Research Unit
  • Walter Karlen, ETH Zurich
  • Kanika Sagar Dheman
  • Nguyen Van Hao, Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Vietnam

Tranche 2 - Awarded March 2017

Internet of things: Smart Remote solar PV lab

  • Satheesh Krishnamurthy, The Open University
  • Namrata Sengar, University of Kota
  • Tim Drysdale, The Open University
  • Nick Braithwaite, The Open University

Post-Earthquake Structural Health Monitoring System (PE-SMS)

  • Ross Wilkins, Coventry University
  • Andrew Fox, Plymouth University
  • Isabelo Rabuya, University of San Carlos

MAPwater: Mapping Availability and Pollution of Water Resources in Rural Mexican Communities

  • Mirella Di Lorenzo, University of Bath
  • Francesca Pianosi, University of Bristol
  • Rodolfo Rueda, Fomento Mexicano

Re-engineering Kenyan Sand Dams by Biological Design

  • Cindy Smith, University of Glasgow
  • Alison Parker, Cranfield University
  • Ruth Quinn, Cranfield University

Manganese in drinking water: biogeochemistry, analysis and treatment

  • Devin Sapsford, Cardiff University
  • Cindy Smith, University of Glasgow
  • Chris Johnson, Bio Nano Consulting
  • Kazi Matin Ahmed, University of Dhaka
  • Richard Crane, Cardiff University

A low-cost, microengineered platform for rapid point-of-care antibiotic susceptibility testing for developing countries

  • Manish Tiwari, UCL
  • Richard Bowman, University of Bath
  • Cindy Smith, University of Glasgow
  • Stavroula Balabani, UCL
  • Saugata Hazra, IIT Roorkee, India
  • Anup Kr. Tewari, Indian Veterinary Research Institute
  • Carolina Palmer Naveira Cotta, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Sherif Hamed, UCL
  • Lena Ciric, UCL
  • Manni Bhatti, University College Hospital
  • Andrew Hayward, University College London Hospital
  • Carmel Curtis, University College London Hospital
  • Bernadette Porter, University College London Hospital
  • Jeremy Chataway, University College London Hospital

Decision support systems for local energy policy in India

  • Harry van der Weijde, The University of Edinburgh
  • Greg Francis, BOXARR Ltd.
  • Anand Upadhyay, The Energy and Resources Institute

Self-cleaning surface coatings for solar photovoltaic and thermal systems to minimise water wastage in cleaning

  • Manish Tiwari, UCL
  • Namrata Sengar, University of Kota
  • Satheesh Krishnamurthy, The Open University
  • Anand Upadhyay, The Energy and Resources Institute
  • Pranab Gadhia, MSA BIO-Energy Pvt Ltd
  • Ioannis Papakonstantinou, UCL
  • Zhuyang Chen, UCL

Water for Africa: Leveraging local Innovations through Organisation Networks (Water-LION)

  • Andrew Fox, Plymouth University
  • Askwar Hilonga, The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology
  • Veronica Kiluva, Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology
  • Sibilike Makhanu, Oshwal College


Tranche 1 - Awarded December 2016

Low-energy drinking water filtration system with nanopore membranes

  • Ioannis Papakonstantinou, University College London
  • Anh Tran, Coventry University
  • Maria-Chiara Ferrari, University of Edinburgh

Enhanced heliostat-based energy generation for deployment across the developing world

  • Martin Lavery, University of Glasgow
  • Ralf Bauer, University of Strathclyde

Monitoring and mapping of water availability in East Africa enabled by low-cost sensor technologies

  • Boris Fernando Ochoa Tocachi, Imperial College London
  • Dustin Caniglia, Concern Worldwide, Somalia
  • Wouter Buyaert, Imperial College London
  • Adrian Butler, Imperial College London

Resilience of linear infrastructure in East Africa

  • Fleur Loveridge, University of Leeds
  • Vera Bukachi, UCL
  • Mark Trigg, University of Leeds

Socio-technical assessment of risk in community energy projects – STAR

  • Philipp Rudolf Thies, University of Exeter
  • Morwesi Ramonyai, BORNEA Energy
  • Mbali Mabaso, Stellenbosch University

Machine Learning for Improved Decision Making with Telemedicine

  • Tingting Zhu, University of Oxford
  • Kristine Magtubo, University of the Philippines
  • Mathaniel D. Cruz, University of the Philippines
  • David Clifton, University of Oxford
  • Portia Grace F. Marcelo, University of the Philippines

Developing local capacity for building affordable, self-sufficient homes

  • Muyiwa Oyinlola, De Montfort University
  • Boksun Kim, Plymouth University
  • Yewande Akinola, Laing O'Rourke
  • Fatai Anafi, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria
  • Amal Abuzeinab, De Montfort University
  • Farukh Farukh, De Montfort University
  • Karthikeyan Kandan, De Montfort Univeristy
  • Timothy Whitehead, De Montfort University

A resilient low-carbon energy transformation for Small Island Developing States

  • Marcelle McManus, University of Bath
  • Thomas Rogers, University of the West Indies
  • Fleur Loveridge, University of Leeds
  • Simon Rees, University of Leeds

Promoting resilience in the informal construction sector in Nepal

  • Joanne Rose, University of York
  • Ksenia Chmutina, Loughborough University

Towards Water Quality Resilience Promotion in Sao Carlos, Brazil: GIS Maps Development

  • Maryam Imani, Anglia Ruskin University
  • Luiz Fernando Bittencourt, University of Campinas
  • Jo Ueyama, University of Sao Paolo
  • Leandro Aparecido Villas, State University of Campinas
  • Boris Ochoa Tocachi, Imperial College London

AutoTurtle - Auto unfold solar turtle

  • Paolo Paoletti, University of Liverpool
  • James van der Walt, Solar Turtle
  • Alex Brinkmeyer, Oxford Space Systems
  • Sebastiano Fichera, University of Liverpool

Distributed fibre sensing system to monitor vehicles in smart cities

  • Gilberto Brambilla, University of Southampton
  • Roberto Speicys Cardoso, Scipopulis
  • Daniel Cordeiro, University of Sao Paulo
  • Ali Masoudi, University of Southampton

Towards an autonomous sensing platform for pollution monitoring

  • Paolo Paoletti, University of Liverpool
  • Luiz Fernando Bittencourt, University of Campinas
  • Ioannis Papakonstantinou, UCL

Portable toolbox for first-response emergency medicine

  • Ana Namburete, University of Oxford
  • Sesinam Dagadu, tinyDavid Ltd

Development of a mirror-support system for concentrating solar power plant

  • Boksun Kim, Plymouth University
  • Willem Landman, Stellenbosch University