4-6 September 2018

Young Researchers' Futures Meeting
Theme: Nanoengineering approaches in biomedical science
Sponsors: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
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Past events

15-17 September 2014

Young Researchers' Futures Meeting
Theme: Engineering for orthopaedic applications
Sponsors: Royal Academy of Engineering, University of Leeds, Wellcome Trust, EPSRC, Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd

Young researchers futures meeting: Orthopaedic applications abstracts book (1.72 MB)

17 June 2014

The contribution of engineering to peri-operative patient safety
A one-day conference exploring how engineering has improved patient safety during surgery. Organised in partnership with the Royal College of Surgeons, Royal College of Anaesthetists and IPEM.

19-21 September 2012

Young Researchers’ Futures Meeting
Theme: Neural Engineering

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Young researchers futures meeting: Neural engineering abstracts book (1.03 MB)

16 May 2012

Designing better care for older people: how technology can make a difference
A conference organised by The Royal Academy of Engineering Panel for Biomedical Engineering and Age UK

Designing cost-effective care for older people report (2.19 MB)

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15 November 2011

Engineering innovation in the NHS 
A one-day conference addressing the key challenges and solutions of introducing new technologies to the NHS
Chair: Dr Geoff Watts

24 March 2011

Sports Engineering Conference
A one-day conference on sports engineering with a focus on monitoring performance
Chair: Professor Lionel Tarassenko FREng

16 November 2010

How does engineering provide better healthcare?
Parliamentary and Scientific Committee Meeting

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14-16 September 2010

Young Researchers’ Futures Meeting
Theme: Medical robotics
Sponsors: Royal Academy of Engineering, University of Reading, Wellcome Trust, Renishaw Ltd

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22 February 2010

Lecture Series in Mobile Telecommunications and Networks
Chair: Professor Mike Walker OBE FREng, Vodafone Group R&D
Sponsor: Vodafone 

19 January 2010

Integration of technologies into the clinical environment
A briefing seminar
Chair: Professor Tony Unsworth FREng

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