Managing risk and promoting safety is paramount in engineering practice. The Academy has published documents on how risks are managed and a safety culture is promoted.

A series of reports were produced in 2003 on the methods for managing risk, and the complexities posed by managing risk in systems that involve people as operators and users:

  • Humans in complex engineering systems
  • The societal aspects of risk
  • Risks posed by humans in the control loop
  • Common methodologies for risk assessment and management

The publication of these reports was followed by a debate on risk, entitled The Risk Debate: Trust me, I’m an engineer, held in 2004, and a workshop on The Economics and Morality of Safety in 2006.

In 2011, the Academy convened a meeting on the engineering profession’s response to the Haddon-Cave inquiry into the Nimrod disaster and looking at the broader issue of the profession’s commitment to safety in engineered systems.