Engineering is at the heart of society and creates many complex, fascinating and practical questions about the place of engineering in our lives.

How do engineers think, and what distinguishes engineering knowledge? What duties do engineers have to the environment? Can engineers tell us more than philosophers about the nature of consciousness? Engineering is rich in deep questions about the way we relate to and understand the world around us.

These questions were explored in a series of seminars at the Royal Academy of Engineering, bringing philosophers and engineers together for stimulating debate. The seminars took place in 2006 and 2007 and presentations from the series were released in two volumes. 

Volume One includes papers from three seminars, on the topics What is engineering? and What is engineering knowledge? Systems engineering and engineering design and AI and IT: where engineering and philosophy meet.

Philosophy of Engineering Volume One (1.24 MB)

Volume Two includes papers from seminars on Engineering, metaphysics and mind, and Engineering, ethics and the environment.

Philosophy of Engineering Volume Two (760.06 KB)

Workshop on Philosophy of Engineering

The Academy hosted the second international Workshop on Philosophy and Engineering from November 10-12 2008. The papers presented are introduced in the book of abstracts. A selection of full papers are included in the volume Philosophy of engineering: reflections on practice, principles and process, published by Springer.