This is Engineering Engagement: Bringing independent public engagement professionals together with corporates

As the Year of Engineering drew to a close, the Royal Academy of Engineering hosted a one-of-a-kind public engagement event, bringing together independent public engagement professionals and veterans of STEM engagement with corporates, and funders of STEM public engagement.

This is Engineering Engagement was jointly organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering, I'm an Engineer and The Engineer magazine, and chaired by Alok Jha. The aim was to encourage a greater understanding and awareness of good practice in public engagement with engineering by drawing on the learnings from This Is Engineering, the Year of Engineering and a range of other projects and strategies, and ultimately sought to chart a course for a more joined-up approach to STEM engagement.

The event was attended by 70 people working in public engagement or corporate environments. Corporates made up a third of the attendees providing ample opportunities for networking between public engagement funders, and practitioners.

Through a series of presentations, panel sessions and workshops, it aimed to connect public engagement practitioners from corporate and independent backgrounds to discuss challenges and insights, and encourage greater collaboration.

The day covered: