A Progression Framework Implementation Group (PFIG), managed by the Royal Academy of Engineering and Science Council, has been established to help engineering and science professional bodies make progress against the D&I progression framework. The group brings together resources, case studies and blog posts and periodically organises workshops and other events to develop professional body capacity to develop good practice and make progress across all 8 areas of the framework e.g. Prizes, awards and grants, and Education and training, accreditation and examinations.


Diversity Monitoring Guidelines

These guidelines give advice on how a PEI can collect information on diversity characteristics, how the information can be used to assess the success of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) activities and contains a sample monitoring form. 

Diversity Monitoring Guidelines (603.44 KB)

Diversity and Inclusion guidelines

These guidelines contain steps that professional engineering institutions (PEIs) can take to increase diversity and inclusion. They include examples of action related to marketing and publicity (including IT), recruitment and selection of steering groups and committees, events, monitoring and evaluation, and awards and scheme selection and programme design. 

Diversity guidelines (187.42 KB)