Spring 2019

The Progression Framework Implementation Group, set up in May 2018, is organising two workshops in 2019 to spread the use of the Diversity and Inclusion Progression Framework amongst all professional engineering institutions (PEIs) and science bodies.

The framework covers eight areas that are relevant to PEIs, including education, training and accreditation, and prizes and awards. It helps PEIs move from little or no activity to more, and more effective, actions to ensure diversity and inclusion (D&I) in all their activities.

The implementation group aims to increase use of the framework from 50% to 75% of PEIs and science bodies. It also aims to achieve measurable improvement in those bodies’ actions on D&I. This will be partly measured by a repeat of the benchmarking exercise in 2020, which some institutions undertook in 2017.

To help PEIs and science bodies make progress, the group is bringing together a range of resources, case studies and blog posts on the Science Council’s website. The two workshops will provide intensive support and share learning among current users of the framework and the organisations hoping to start using it. The first workshop takes place on 16 May and focuses on D&I in prizes and awards programmes. The second will take place on 10 September with a focus on education, training and accreditation. These areas were chosen as they had the lowest collective performance in the 2017 benchmarking exercise.

Rosemary Cook, Chair of the Progression Framework Implementation Group and CEO of Institution of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, said: ‘I am really keen that we help PEIs and science bodies who have not yet used the framework to get started. It is such a useful tool: it really takes all the effort out of creating a diversity action plan, by showing you what your organisation is doing best at, and how you can improve in other areas. By monitoring using the framework, you can also demonstrate success and value to boards and committees, which helps to embed their enthusiasm and commitment.’ 


Autumn 2018

D&I implementation group for professional institutions 

In February 2018, the first benchmarking report on the performance of engineering and science professional bodies was disseminated. The report was based on the D&I Progression Framework for engineering and science professional bodies. A steering group of representatives from the professional bodies has been created to ensure that recommendations from the report are implemented.

The benchmarking report is based on responses from 20 professional engineering institutions (PEIs) and 21 scientific bodies that self-assessed their performance against eight areas of professional body activity: governance and leadership; membership and professional registration; meetings, conferences and events; education and training, accreditation and examinations; prizes, awards and grants; communications, marketing, outreach and engagement; employment; and monitoring and measuring.

The steering group, chaired by Rosemary Cook, CEO of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine. It mapped the recommendations of the report into a matrix that identifies key issues, and potential practical actions that can help to deliver change. Four subgroups are considering these in more depth over the summer, focusing on communications and language; developing better measures; extending use of the framework; and sharing of resources.

The steering group has set ambitious aims:

  • to raise the percentage of PEIs and science bodies using the D&I Progression Framework from 50% to 75% of organisations; and
  • to demonstrate positive change in D&I across all eight areas of the framework.

More here on the engineering and science D&I benchmarking report. For more on the implementation group, contact us. Find out more about the Academy work with PEI's here.

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