The Diversity & Inclusion programme’s (D&IP) activities are directed through the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Group (DILG) of engineering employers and employer-led organisations and the Engineering Diversity Concordat (EDC) of PEIs. The diversity team also works closely with a number of third-sector organisations to deliver projects aiming to improve diversity and inclusion within the profession.

The D&IP strategy 2016-2020 builds on progress made so far by setting out the vision and mission of the programme:


An inclusive engineering profession that inspires attracts and retains people from diverse backgrounds and reflects UK society.


Leading the engineering profession to challenge the status quo, stimulate cultural change and improve diversity and inclusion.

The programme has five strategic aims: challenge the status quo; demonstrate leadership; sustain and extend current relationships; communicate and consult; and publicise success measures and benchmarks.

Strategic aims

1: Challenging the status quo

Identify, develop and deliver visible interventions that increase diversity and inclusion, challenge the status quo and lead to sustained change.

2: Demonstrating leadership

Lead by galvanising the profession and demonstrating exemplary diversity and inclusion practice.

3: Sustain and extend current relationships

Sustain and extend relationships, partnerships and networks to maximise effectiveness of the programme.

4: Communicating and consulting

Implement a plan that encourages communication and consultation on board approach, progress, achievements and business benefits.

5: Publicise success measures and benchmarks

Develop and cascade programme success measures and benchmarks against which to track progress.

“We have learnt a lot during the last five years about the nature of the diversity and inclusion challenge and approaches that work. We are on a journey in an industry that is changing and so we need to evolve as we enter the next phase.

Our focus going forward is to be more explicitly centred on what we can do well to galvanise the profession and increase inclusion.

We will build on our successful activities and find ways to collaborate with others to help deliver the diversity and inclusion we aspire to across all fields of engineering.”

Dervilla Mitchell CBE FREng, Director at Arup and Chair of the Academy Diversity and Inclusion Committee