The Royal Academy of Engineering is running a programme to increase diversity and inclusion across the engineering profession. It brings key stakeholders together to stimulate action towards developing a diverse and inclusive profession that inspires, attracts and retains people from different backgrounds, reflecting UK’s increasingly diverse society.

The first phase of the Diversity in Engineering Programme, funded by the department for Business, Energy and Innovation Strategy (BEIS), was delivered by the Academy between 2011 and 2016 with the aim of increasing diversity across the profession.

Over the next four years, the renamed Diversity and Inclusion Programme (D&IP) will work to understand and address the extent to which engineering and organisations within it are inclusive and nurture diversity of all kinds. It links to the Academy's strategic plan for 2015-2020 by addressing the need to create more inclusive cultures that inspire, attract, recruit and retain more women, ethnic minority, disabled, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, older and young people from all socio-economic backgrounds into engineering employment and professional engineering institutions (PEIs).

Diversity Programme Report (4.39 MB)

Academy Diversity leaflet (1.53 MB)

Academy equality, diversity and inclusion policy document (288.34 KB)

Academy Bullying and Harassment Policy (415.32 KB)

For more information on the Academy's D&IP, please contact the Diversity team.