Today, a set of six stamps has been issued by the Isle of Man Post Office that celebrate the achievements of Dr John C Taylor OBE FREng, who was a major donor to the Academy’s Taylor Centre, the physical home of the Enterprise Hub.

Dr Taylor, an Isle of Man resident, has over 400 patents and invented the temperature and current-sensitive safety controls that are used in small electric motors for appliances. He developed the kettle controls that turn kettles off once they have boiled, as well as the cordless kettle. Dr Taylor also created the Chronophage clock series, including the famous Corpus Chronophage on the wall of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, which alone includes six patented inventions.

The newly released set of stamps focus on Dr Taylor’s inventions and personal achievements, including an image of the Taylor Centre, which opened earlier this year and was named after the inventor. The Taylor Centre features on a stamp that highlights Dr Taylor’s commitment to inspiring the next generation of engineers. Another stamp commemorates the bimetal kettle switch, an invention that is used over a billion times a day worldwide. The Otter G switch, a small temperature-sensitive control that Dr Taylor invented in the 1960s, features on a third stamp.

Dr Taylor said “I have lived my life deliberating, inventing, creating, producing and perfecting.  Through this unique issue of stamps, the Isle of Man Post Office has captured my life's work.  It would be marvellous if others seeing the stamps were to follow my motto, 'Cogitate Incogitata' - think the unthinkable."

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Isle of Man Post Office: Invention and Innovation – Dr John C Taylor OBE