Professor Henning Kagermann, president of acatech, the German national academy of science and engineering, will present Industrie 4.0, a new industrial vision for Germany, at a lecture at the Royal Academy of Engineering on Tuesday 4 February; followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with Bob Joyce FREng (Executive Director, Product Creation and Delivery, Jaguar Land Rover) and Dr Peter Fitzgerald CBE FREng (Managing Director, Randox).

Professor Kagermann's lecture is expected to provoke debate about the UK's own manufacturing strategy for the future, and to galvanise stakeholders from different UK industry sectors to work closer together around similar objectives. According to Professor Kagermann, the 'Internet of Things' will be the driving force behind a new industrial revolution to follow the impact of mechanisation, electricity and IT.

His strategy for the German industrial sector calls for a deep change in manufacturing to embrace the Internet of Things and to start switching to smart manufacturing and intelligent products, turning his country into the world leader in the field.

Professor Kagermann said: "Industrie 4.0 has the potential to solve issues such as resource and energy efficiency, proposing smart factories capable of meeting individual customer requirements and making even one-off items profitable. Industrie 4.0 will offer Germany and Europe the chance to further strengthen its position as a manufacturing location."

The industrial and manufacturing sectors will have to incorporate production, storage, delivery and maintenance of their products into Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs); intelligent networks in which products, factory machinery and other parts of the production and distribution chain can communicate and exchange information, triggering actions and controlling each other independently.

Professor Kagermann and his working group have addressed a series of areas that will need development to enable this new revolution. These include a standardised network architecture, systems capable of handling the increased flow of information, IT security, comprehensive broadband infrastructure across industry, efficient regulations and an evolution in the role for employees.

The event will be chaired by Professor Sir Mike Gregory, Head of the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge.

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