A total of 38 talented students have been awarded Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards in 2013.

The Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards provide motivation and support for exceptional engineering undergraduates in British universities who have the potential to be future leaders of industry. Engineering Masters students in the second year of a four-year course or the third year of a five-year course are eligible to compete for the awards, which are worth up to £5,000 each, as well as access to experienced mentors. This allows them to benefit from carefully planned training and targeted support over three years.

The Academy is pleased to announce that the following students received the Engineering Leadership Advanced Award in April 2013:

Jad Abi-Esber – Cambridge, Engineering
Michael Ardron – Sheffield, Mechanical Engineering
Richard Arnell – Sheffield, Materials Science and Engineering
Dale Barnard – Strathclyde, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
David Bell – Strathclyde, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Robert Bloch – UCL, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Apurva Chitnis – Cambridge, Engineering
Anthony Chu – Oxford, Engineering Science
Simon Cooper – Bath, Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
James Crothers – Southampton, Mechanical Engineering
Matthew Douthwaite – Imperial, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Mark Fishwick – Loughborough, System Engineering with DIS
Marie-Claire Flynn – Strathclyde, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Camille French – Edinburgh, Chemical Engineering
Brittany Harris – Bristol, Civil Engineering
Benjamin Hicklin – Heriot-Watt, Civil Engineering
Rachel Hounslow – Imperial, Chemical Engineering
Alexander Iley – Southampton, Ship Science with Engineering Management
Oliver Jones – Imperial, Computing
Ruth Kennedy – Bristol, Engineering Design
Rachael Lockhart – QUB, Product Design and Development
David MacDonald – Edinburgh, Chemical Engineering
Ruaridh MacDonald - Edinburgh, Chemical Engineering
Pooja Moonka – Bristol, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Andrew Morson – Strathclyde, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Stuart Nevin – QUB, Mechanical Engineering
Lawrence Pang – Southampton, Ship Science/Naval Architecture
Adam Patton – QUB, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Anahita Pradhan – Cambridge, Chemical Engineering
John Prince – Bristol, Mechanical Engineering
Pawel Przytarski – Imperial, Mechanical Engineering
Katrina Reynolds – Bath, Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Sapsford – Brunel, Engineering
Varun Sarwal – Bristol, Computer Science
Michael Stec – Cambridge, Engineering
Alexis Storey – Bristol, Engineering Design
Dominik Sznajder – Imperial, Civil Engineering
Helen Taylor – Southampton, Civil Engineering

Dr Hayaatun Sillem, Director of Programmes and Fellowship at the Academy, says, “We need an increase in the number of STEM graduates over the next 10 years to support UK economic growth so the Engineering Leadership Advanced Awards do not only benefit talented students, but the UK’s wellbeing too. The awards recognise and celebrate our most promising engineering students and help them develop their capabilities as engineers and leaders.”

The Academy’s recent report, Jobs and growth: the importance of engineering skills to the UK economy, says that around 1.25 million science, engineering and technology professionals and technicians are needed by 2020, including a high proportion of engineers, to support the UK's economic recovery.

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  2. The Jobs and growth report is available:  Jobs and growth (2.26 MB) , which complements the Academy’s Engineering for growth campaign  engineeringforgrowth.org.uk
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