Engineering the Future (EtF), an alliance of professional engineering institutions and bodies hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering, has welcomed the publication of the Science and Technology Committee report, Engineering in government.

In its report, the committee acknowledged the role of EtF in co-ordinating the provision of engineering advice to government, which was a recommendation of its predecessor committee’s 2009 report, Engineering: turning ideas into reality.

The alliance submitted evidence to the committee’s inquiry, identifying improvements in government’s use of engineering advice and where progress had not been optimal. Philip Greenish, Chief Executive of the Royal Academy of Engineering, gave oral evidence to the committee on behalf of Engineering the Future.

At the witness session he said: “…we have seen quite a substantial change in how the Government looks to the engineering profession and, perhaps even more so, how the engineering profession organises itself so that it can support and respond to Government’s needs.”

EtF supports the conclusions and recommendations of the committee and its recognition that while progress has been made, there are still significant opportunities for government to improve and increase the extent that it utilises engineering expertise and advice.

Notes for editors

  1. The House of Commons Scientific and Technology Committee Engineering in government is available through the following link:
  2. The Engineering the Future written submission to the inquiry can be found at:

    The transcript for the EtF witness session can be found at:
  3. Engineering the Future (EtF) is a broad alliance of the engineering institutions and bodies which represent the UK's 450,000 professional engineers. We provide independent expert advice and promote understanding of the contribution that engineering makes to the economy, society and to the development and delivery of national policy. The leadership of Engineering the Future is drawn from the following institutions: The Engineering Council; EngineeringUK; The Institution of Chemical Engineers; The Institution of Civil Engineers; The Institution of Engineering and Technology; Institution of Structural Engineers, The Institution of Mechanical Engineers; The Institute of Physics; The Royal Academy of Engineering.

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