The UK aerospace sector is a vibrant example of engineering design excellence coupled with world-beating advanced manufacturing. The Royal Academy of Engineering fully supports the industry’s joint initiative with Government to invest in the future of aeronautical engineering in the UK, which aims to generate more UK aerospace post-graduates with the high level skills needed by the sector.

The government has said it is dedicated to rebalancing the UK economy, with a focus on high tech manufacturing. This scheme is an important step in investing in the UK’s industrial future.

The aerospace industry is one of the UK’s export success stories and employs thousands of engineers, skilled technicians and scientists. This programme to fund 500 UK MSc students is designed to make a rapid, positive impact on the aerospace industry so that it can be an engine for economic recovery and growth. The programme draws on the world-class postgraduate training provided by key UK universities.

Philip Greenish, Chief Executive of the Academy, said: “Boosting the supply of skilled people with high-level knowledge and expertise in key areas of technology is essential for sustainable economic recovery and to ensure that the UK continues to be a leader in sectors such as aviation.

“The aerospace industry and all the engineers who develop new technologies for it are typical of the pioneering role of engineering, in which the UK excels. The new £1 million Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering will help celebrate world-changing feats of engineering that have had a positive impact on our lives and inspire a new generation of young engineers to tackle grand challenges in the aeronautical industry and beyond.”

The Academy is pleased to oversee the programme in partnership with the Royal Aeronautical Society.

The Academy works with universities and industry to create a system of engineering education that satisfies the aspirations of young people whilst delivering the high calibre of engineers and technicians that UK businesses need. The Academy is focused on enhancing the skills pipeline into industry by ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills to create economic growth.

Programmes run by the Academy, such as its renowned Visiting Professors scheme (where leading practitioners enrich engineering education) complement the new scheme to support aeronautical engineers at MSc level.

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