The Earth Awards 2010 invites design submissions for sustainable innovations from around the world in six categories: Built Environment, Fashion, Products, Systems, Future and Social Justice. The grand prize winner will receive $50,000 while category winners receive $10,000 each. In summer 2010 the entries will be evaluated in London and Peter Head OBE, an Academy Fellow, will be one of the judges

Ideas, great or small, realised or prototypes, will be considered but must distinguish themselves in six criteria: Achievable, Scaleable, Measurable, Useful, Original and Ecological. This year The Earth Awards’ ceremony moves from New York City to London, where the Financial Times will hold a Sustainable Business Conference and gala dinner inviting CEOs, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to match innovation with investment – fulfilling The Earth Awards’ commitment to steer winning innovations closer to market.

Not since the Industrial Revolution has there been a more apt moment for unbridled creativity, invention, innovation and entrepreneurialism. The Earth Awards provides aplatform for transformational ideas for the way we think about design and they way we live on Planet Earth.

Open for Submissions: 3 March – 10 May 2010

Selection Committee Review: 17 May – 23 July 2010

Awards Gala in London: 16 September 2010

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