The Academy’s President, Lord Browne of Madingley, has given the 49th William Menelaus lecture on Climate Change - Staying the Course! at the School of Engineering, Cardiff University.

In his lecture, Lord Browne called for a concerted approach to tackling climate change. He said: “ It is essential that we do not compartmentalise climate change as an issue. Environmental integrity should be made a tangible part of other social priorities, such as economic prosperity and national security.

“This will require a new approach to policy across all levels of government and all government departments. And it means making a much more determined appeal to hearts as well as minds. Environmental integrity isn’t an option or a luxury: it’s fundamental for society to flourish.”

The lecture is held annually in honour of the first President of the South Wales Institute of Engineers Educational Trust, founded in 1857 and devoted to the advancement of engineering science and practice.

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