The Academy’s London Engineering Project (LEP), set up to encourage more young people from under-represented groups to pursue education and careers in engineering and technology is urging the capital’s black and minority ethnic engineers and scientists to give a day of their time every year in schools.

As ambassadors for their professions, the aim is that these individuals will inspire and motivate young people to follow in their footsteps and help address the lack of black and minority ethnic young people currently entering jobs that are vital to the capital’s and the country’s economic future. Students themselves say that role models play a vital role in their future career choices.

By securing just a few hours of engineers’ and scientists’ time to explain their jobs and how they got them, the Academy hopes that more school students will thrive in their classroom science and technology studies, will apply for degree courses and then go into rewarding careers.

The ambassadors campaign spokesperson, Patrick Clarke, a director at EDF Energy says, ‘‘Students tell us that the careers advice they really value is someone taking the time to tell them what they do for a living and how they got there. Some people have connected with the building blocks of my life and have been inspiring. I know that there are many other professionals out there who could inspire our young people and I would urge them to come forward.’