Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s a QPod. A new breed of automobile; sexy, safe, economical and totally eco-friendly.

Favoured by TV presenter, Noel Edmonds, the QPod is a peculiar, yet endearing automobile that is ingenious in concept and a result of engineering brilliance and is absolutely the way that future generations of socially aware drivers are going to travel.

The QPod is fully recyclable. Every component can be used again. It manages a fuel consumption of 70 miles to the gallon and can run on bio-ethanol fuel. It has a top speed of approximately 50 mph and can perform everything off-road that a quad bike can perform but with added safety. The central roll cage, plus the solid road handling ensure that it is almost impossible to roll. The front and back panels are replaceable and therefore, a customer can request a unique design for their pod. And it looks great!

Even though the QPod is small, it can tow up to 1000k in weight and importantly, is light enough itself to hook straight onto the back of a car, motor home or other vehicle.

See it at the BA Festival of Science Engineering Section on Thursday 7 September.

Notes for editors

  1. Founded in 1976, the Royal Academy of Engineering promotes the engineering and technological welfare of the country. Our fellowship - comprising the UK’s most eminent engineers - provides the leadership and expertise for our activities, which focus on the relationships between engineering, technology, and the quality of life. As a national academy, we provide independent and impartial advice to Government; work to secure the next generation of engineers; and provide a voice for Britain’s engineering community.
  2. Cunningham’s Autos is a family business with a story. A story of why, whenever you are looking towards the future for innovation, it is always necessary to look to and learn from the past. Cunningham’s Autos illustrates how a small family business which was established in 1927, has managed to survive through many economic changes in the last century, and fully operate from the same site within the same family successfully into the 21st century. The current Mr Cunningham knows that survival in the motor industry depends upon outlook, diversification and risk.
  3. The QPod is the risk and the acquisition of the distribution rites for this extraordinary vehicle in this region is what will hopefully secure the business for future generations of the same family. Small can still mean success.
  4. 4. The BA (British Association for the Advancement of Science) is the UK’s nationwide, open membership organisation that exists to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering. Established in 1831, the BA organises major initiatives across the UK, including the annual BA Festival of Science, National Science Week, programmes of regional and local events, and an extensive programme for young people in schools and colleges.
  5. The BA Festival of Science will be in Norwich from 2-9 September, bringing over 300 of the UK’s top scientists and engineers to discuss the latest developments in science with the public. In addition to talks and debates at the University of East Anglia, there will be a host of events throughout the city of Norwich as part of the Science in the City programme.
  6. The Engineering Section ‘Mission Impossible?’ takes place on Thursday 7 September, John Innes Conference Centre, Norwich Research Park. Exhibition opens at 11.00, lunch at 13.00, talks from14.00.

For more information please contact

Dr Claire McLoughlin at the Royal Academy of Engineering
Lisa Hendry at the BA, tel: 020 7019 4946