Stuart Moran, one of the founders of Surgical Innovations, a small company based in Leeds, has won a prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal for his development of innovative, safe and efficient surgical laparoscopic devices.

Stuart, who was promoted to the Group Board as Technical Director and Joint Managing Director of the operating business in 2000, will receive his medal at the Academy Awards Dinner in London on Thursday 10 June.

Patients and the whole community have benefited immeasurably from the introduction of surgical procedures which no longer require large wounds to provide access but which are carried out through tiny incisions. Patients no longer need to stay in hospital for an extended stay, but can nowadays often go home without even the need to stay in overnight and return to normal activity within a day or two.

Minimally invasive surgery has been made possible by the development of instruments which are introduced into body cavities through ports placed in small skin incisions and operated externally by highly trained surgeons guided by specialised imaging devices.

As the result of Stuart Moran’s engineering excellence, Surgical Innovations has become a producer of the most advanced and innovative instruments, employing novel materials and technologies which are at the leading edge in this highly competitive world market.

Stuart Moran has also been the driver for the development of a range of products that make it possible for patients to receive their own stored blood during procedures in which they would otherwise need to have conventional blood transfusion. This eliminates the risks from infected blood.

In 2003, Surgical Innovations had a turnover of £1.2 million and an operating profit of £40,000. Although the Company is still in its infancy, Stuart Moran’s vision leads the way in the thrust to minimise the trauma of surgery and to exploit the commercial opportunities opened up by the challenging engineering advances which he has created.

Notes for editors

  1. The Academy’s Silver Medals, instigated in 1995, are awarded annually to engineers aged 50 or under who have made outstanding contributions to British engineering. Only four awards may be made each year.
  2. This year’s other Silver Medals go to Stephen Brown CEng, MIStructE, partner for London-based Buro Happold Consulting Engineers, Jonathan Holt, Drilling Technology Portfolio Leader, BP and Professor Christopher Snowden, PhD, FREng, CEng, FIEE, FIEEE, CEO Filtronic Integrated Compound Semiconductors and University of Leeds.
  3. Founded in 1976, the Royal Academy of Engineering promotes the engineering and technological welfare of the country. Our fellowship - comprising the UK’s most eminent engineers - provides the leadership and expertise for our activities, which focus on the relationships between engineering, technology, and the quality of life. As a national academy, we provide independent and impartial advice to Government; work to secure the next generation of engineers; and provide a voice for Britain’s engineering community.

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