According to the 7,000 engineers who to part in the investigation into culture and inclusion in engineering, a total of nine themes described the culture of engineering.

Six themes describe what is present in the culture: problem solving, safety-conscious, proud, loyal, team oriented and flexible in places.

Three themes represent tensions in the culture: where it is described as friendly but not personable; where it is solutions focused but has a strong attachment to tradition; and where there are high levels of job satisfaction but a lack of support and clarity in relation to career development.

  • Engineers describe a culture that is problem solving and safety-conscious
  • Engineers describe a proud profession in which people love their jobs and are loyal and committed to engineering and to being engineers
  • Engineers describe a culture that is strong, collaborative and team orientated
  • Engineers describe a culture where there is quite a lot of flexibility in working practices
  • Engineers describe a friendly culture, but one that is not comfortable with the personal
  • Engineers describe a solutions-focused culture, but with a strong attachment to tradition
  • Engineers describe a culture in which they love the work they do, but are often unclear (and less happy) about support for career progression