Dr H Peter Jost CBE

Awarded for his vision and achievements in tribology, the science and engineering of interacting moving surfaces, sixty years after he launched this whole new field of engineering.

2013 Sustained Achievement Award news release



Professor Stephen Salter

Emeritus Professor of Engineering Design at the University of Edinburgh

Awarded in recognition of his career as an engineer which holds many notable achievements including inventing 'Salter's Duck' and his pioneering work in the desalination of sea water.

2012 Sustained Achievement Award news release



Professor Dracos Vassalos

Professor of Maritime Safety at the University of Strathclyde and Director of the Ship Stability Research Centre 

Awarded for his development of goal-based legislation in the maritime industry and the utilisation of first principles safety performance assessment tools to foster cost-effective safety improvement.

2011 Sustained Achievement Award news release



Alan Powderham FREng

In recognition of his career spanning over 40 years, and for bringing engineering excellence to numerous projects by setting new industry benchmarks in foundation engineering.

2010 Sustained Achievement Award news release



Professor Sir Bernard Crossland CBE FREng FRS

Awarded for his contribution to engineering education research work into high pressure engineering and his influence in both the UK and Ireland in forming links with industry and academia in a career spanning seven decades. During his retirement he has also made a significant contribution in public service playing a leading role in high profile investigations including the Kings Cross Underground Fire and Ladbroke Grove Rail Disaster.

2009 Sustained Achievement Award news release



Dr Adam Neville CBE FREng

In recognition of devoting nearly 60 years to research and practice in civil and structural engineering all over the world. Dr Neville's research on concrete as a material is world renowned. His first book, Properties of Concrete, published in 1963, has been translated into 13 languages and has sold over half a million copies. In many parts of the world this book is known familiarly as "Neville's concrete bible".

2008 Sustained Achievement Award news release



Professor Emeritus William Johnson FREng FRS

Formerly of the University of Cambridge

In recognition of the exceptional breadth of his engineering expertise and his ground-breaking research on how metals behave in manufacturing processes. He has solved many problems for industry, from turbine blades for jet engines to assessing the crashworthiness of vehicles.

2007 Sustained Achievement Award news release



Professor Peter Kirstein CBE FREng

University College London

Awarded for his exceptional contribution to the development of the Global Internet from its earliest inception as an academic research project throughout its progression into its current status as a basic infrastructure of academia, industry and society.



Dr Philip Woodward

Retired Deputy Chief Scientific Officer

Recognising him as an outstanding pioneer of Radar and for his work in precision mechanical horology.