Since 1969, the MacRobert Award has honoured the engineers behind the UK’s most exciting engineering innovations. It is awarded annually for an outstanding example of engineering that has achieved commercial success and is of benefit to society, and seeks to demonstrate the importance of engineering and the contribution of engineers and scientists to national prosperity and international prestige. 

The MacRobert Award has recognised engineering achievements across the breadth of British engineering in the 50 years since it was first presented to Rolls-Royce for its Pegasus engine and to Freeman, Fox and Partners for the Severn Bridge.

The variety of the award’s recipients reads like a ‘who’s who’ of UK engineering expertise. The roll of honour has also proved to be an indicator of innovative advances in engineering. It all started in 1969 with a civil engineering achievement that heralded a new era of bridge building and the world’s first short take-off and vertical landing aircraft. Rolls-Royce won a gold medal and its share of the prize for the Pegasus engine that powered the Harrier Jump Jet while Freeman, Fox and Partners picked up its share for the aerodynamic design of the Severn Bridge’s deck.

On Thursday 11 July 2019, Bombardier were announced as winners of the 50th anniversary MacRobert Award at the Royal Academy of Engineering's Awards Dinner at Banqueting House, London.

The MacRobert Award