Research Chairs and Senior Research Fellowships - Industry case studies

Airbus - industry case study (531.54 KB)

Arup - industry case study (408.78 KB)

Bombardier - industry case study (635.43 KB)

Cummins - industry case study (433.79 KB)

Highview Power - industry case study (427.80 KB)

McLaren - industry case study (364.87 KB)

Network Rail - industry case study (415.97 KB)

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - industry case study (476.94 KB)

Rolls-Royce - industry case study (587.27 KB)

Research Chair - Individual case studies

Professor Luke Bisby - RAEng Research Chair in Structures and Fire (446.49 KB)

Professor Eileen Harkin-Jones FREng, Bombardier/RAEng Research Chair in Composites Engineering (222.89 KB)

Professor Jon Carrotte, Rolls Royce/RAEng Research Chair in Aerothermal Technology (1.87 MB)

Professor Jonathan Cooper, RAEng Sir George White Chair in Aeronautical Engineering (207.05 KB)

Professor Matthew Hall - British Geological Survey/RAEng Research Chair in Carbon Capture, Storage and Alternative Hydrocarbons (232.15 KB)

Research Fellowships - Individual case studies

Dr Danail Stoyanov, University College London (280.66 KB)

Professor Davide Mattia, University of Bath (214.42 KB)

Professor Eleanor Stride, University of Oxford (227.78 KB)

Dr Filippo Fazi, University of Southampton (483.58 KB)

Professor Dino Distefano – Queen Mary University of London (493.82 KB)

Dr Jennifer Hastie – University of Strathclyde (401.11 KB)

Professor Ian Kinloch – University of Manchester (505.07 KB)

Dr Karla Miller – University of Oxford (404.70 KB)

Professor Anna Peacock - University of Southampton (262.56 KB)

Dr Andras Sobester – University of Southampton (349.71 KB)

Chair in Emerging Technologies - Individual case study 

Professor Anne Neville - Chair in Emerging Technologies (381.46 KB)

Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship - Individual case studies

Dr David Sanders, University of Portsmouth (243.63 KB)

Dr Nick Pears, University of York (201.77 KB)

Professor Rachel Williams, University of Liverpool (279.21 KB)

Industrial Fellowship Scheme - Individual case studies

Dr Richard Williams, University of Glasgow (6.71 MB)

Dr Sebastian Timme, University of Liverpool (1.66 MB)

Dr Ioannis Paraskevopoulos, University of Greenwich (1.53 MB)

Dr Chengfeng Li, Swansea University (1.47 MB)

Dr James Hopgood, University of Edinburgh (1.59 MB)

Dr Fatih Kurugollu, University of Derby (2.65 MB)

Dr Rong Zhang, University of Southampton (2.33 MB)

Dr Tuck Seng Wong, University of Sheffield (1.81 MB)

Dr Rajesh Ransing, Swansea University (1.85 MB)

Dr Hamed Haddad Khodaparast, Swansea University (2.11 MB)

Dr Megan Jobson, University of Manchester (1.93 MB)

Dr Ibrahim Habli, University of York (1.29 MB)

Dr Daniel Clark, Heriot-Watt University (1.83 MB)

Dr Tao Chen, University of Surrey (1.65 MB)

Dr Gillian Ragsdell, Loughborough University (265.63 KB)

Dr Rafic Ajaj, University of Southampton (236.00 KB)

Dr Siraj Shaikh, Coventry University (218.00 KB)

Dr Andrea Da Ronch, University of Southampton (204.80 KB)

Dr Dongfang Liang, University of Cambridge (186.73 KB)

Dr Karen Renaud, University of Glasgow (277.30 KB)

Dr Liana Cipcigan, Cardiff University (229.43 KB)

Dr Rafael Morales-Viviescas, University of Leicester (238.20 KB)

Dr Richard Bourne, University of Leeds (234.75 KB)