What is a Sainsbury Management Fellowship?

Sainsbury Management Fellowships (SMF) enable engineers of high career potential to undertake an MBA at a top international Business School

Who can apply?

UK, EU or EEA citizens who have a first degree in engineering, allied technology or science discipline and are normally domiciled in the UK are eligible to apply.  It would also be expected that an applicant is able to demonstrate a commitment to UK engineering and business and their respective engineering community.  Applicants would generally have between 4 to 10 years work experience.

What are the benefits of a Sainsbury Management Fellowship?

Sainsbury Management Fellows will have access to Royal Academy of Engineering events and activities and will become a part of the Sainsbury Management Fellowship alumni network

What does the programme fund?

The funding can be used in whatever way is helpful to the candidate, this can include fees, course materials and relocation costs.

What the key dates?

Frequency of award cycle?

Interviews are usually held in July each year, if all awards have not been awarded a second round will open for that year for interviews in December to allocate the remaining awards

Timeline of application process

We usually open for applications following the awarding the previous periods awards and will tend to close for applications about six week before interview dates are scheduled. Interviews normally take place in July, if a second round is required to complete all awards for a year these interviews will take place in December.

Start and end dates and duration of award

There is not a designated start and end of award, the dates depend on start and finish dates of individual MBA programmes.  The duration of the award is the duration of the individual MBA programme

Review process 

Once all applications have been received they will be reviewed for eligibility and content (please note even if you submit an application early we will not review it until after the closing date). 
Those who are invited to interview will be notified in sufficient time to prepare for their interview, this will usually involve preparing a short presentation on a specfic topic / question (which will be shared at the time of invitation to interview).  Interviews last for 30 mintues and will be conducted by a panel of up to 4 interviewers who will be a mix of Royal Academy of Engineering Fellows and Sainsbury Managment Fellow Alumni.

How to apply?

Applications must be submitted using the Academy's Grant Management System (GMS), we will not accept paper applications.

Can you reapply?

Reapplication is not allowed for anyone who has been invited to interview,  anyone who applies but is not invited to interview may reapply after a period of two years

What type of MBA is eligible?

Only those individuals completing a Full-time MBA at one of the elgibile business schools are eligible.  We are unable to accept applications from people undertaking Executive or part time MBAs

Can I apply if I plan to complete my MBA at a Business School that is not on the list of eligible Business Schools?

At this stage we are not able to accept applications from anyone who is attending a business school that is not one of the 14 eligible schools.  The eligible business schools are continually ranked amongst the top business schools in the world, whilst we recognise that other business schools are also in this position we do not intend to amend this list at this stage.

This list is reviewed from time to time and we will not be able to consider requests to include a new business school or make an exception for any individuals on an ad hoc basis.

How many Sainsbury Managment Fellowships are awarded each year?

Up to 10 awards are made each year.

Who do I contact for further information?

Please contact  Jacqueline Clay, the Programme Manager for further information.