This scheme is now open to UK Further Education establishments only.

The Visiting Teaching Engineer (VTE) scheme brings practicing engineers/ technicians from groups under-represented in the UK engineering profession, for example women and/ or those from a BAME background into FE colleges to enrich the learning experience and create role models for those studying STEM subjects, especially from BAME backgrounds, encouraging them to pursue careers as professional engineers/technicians.

Under the scheme, an FE college will apply to host a VTE who will support the delivery of face-to-face teaching enhancing learning experience. The scheme will focus on full-time level 3 engineering technician courses. 

A recent Royal Academy of Engineering survey revealed that 96% of engineering companies asked said they anticipated difficulty in recruiting in the future and would like to broaden their recruitment pool; 83% saw diversity as critical to enhancing their capacity for innovation and creativity and 76% saw it as crucial to tackling the skills shortage. 

See how to apply for more information.

Benefit of the scheme for Visiting Teaching Engineer

The Academy’s Visiting Teaching Engineers (VTE) programme is an opportunity for experienced professional engineers to improve their communications skills through frontline teaching experience; bring industry and academia closer together; inspire the next generation of engineers and technicians and promote diversity and inclusion in the UK engineering profession.

The programme forms part of a major, sector-wide initiative, led by the Academy, to encourage women and other groups currently under-represented in the engineering profession, to pursue careers as professional engineers and technicians.

If you are an engineer/technician from a BAME background and are interested in taking part in the scheme, please email the Education team.


The scheme provides FE Engineering Departments with funding of up to £3,500 for the appointment of a female STEM professional as a Visiting Teaching Engineer (VTE). VTEs are expected to:

  • Support their host department by providing assistance with front line teaching duties alongside a lecturer
  • Bring current industrial knowledge and practice to the STEM learning experience in full time technician courses (especially at Level 3)
  • Help the college build stronger relations with industry
  • Provide ad hoc mentoring and careers advice to students

VTEs are expected to work for at least 10 days in an academic year.

This scheme is generously supported by the Motorola Solutions Foundation.