At any one time, there are more than 70 VPs working with students at universities around the UK.
These case studies show how UK universities use the knowledge and skills of senior industry practitioners to help engineering students become more employable, better understand how to apply what they learn, and contribute as professional engineers in industry and commerce more rapidly.

The case studies describe how, during their three-year tenure, VPs contribute and add value to the student experience through course development, face-to face teaching, mentoring and other related activities. They cover a wide range of engineering sectors, from nuclear engineering to medical device design and diversity and inclusion, at universities across the UK.

VPs are professional engineers who have a vision, act on that vision and make a lasting difference to universities, individual students and their employers, and the profession.

With these case studies, the aim is to support future applications, as well as celebrating the achievements of our Visiting Professors.  

Visiting Professors scheme: Case studies (3.60 MB)