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Available prospective Visiting Professors

No. Geographical area for placement Subject area(s) you can offer Description of offer
 1. London I lead the Fire Safety Team in a large international architectural and engineering practice. I specialise in fire science, engineering and safety (thermofluids, heat transfer, design, management, risk, modelling). Background in civil and structural engineering. 

I am flexible, depending on the needs of the role. I am happy to give guest presentations or lectures, mentor and supervise individual or group work, give  weekly seminars or tutorials or critique projects and group work. 

2. London and surrounding counties  Smart/Intelligent Real Estate
In recent years, the notion of smart/intelligent real estate has grown exponentially with courses now formally being offered in select universities and almost all major real estate developers making it their priority due to the promise of cost savings and improved efficiencies.    
I have 08 years experience in this area, first with a leading engineering consultancy working on projects all over the world, and now with the largest property developer in the UK. My aim is to help universities provide industry insights in this area (with potential implications in the area of smart cities as well) to their students. This ranges from data consolidation and processing to operational requirements and building user needs. 
3. North West and London Area

Renewable fuels, sustainability and circular economy.

I have experience on bioethanol, biodiesel and anaerobic digestion.

I have experience on reducing the environmental footprint of industrial activities through optimising processes via a continuous improvement philosophy. I am particularly interested in delivering an industrial focus approach in education.
I will be able to supervise projects and participate in workshops.
4. Midlands or south 
  • Nuclear fusion 
  • Non-destructive testing of components 
  • Structural integrity of components
  • Qualification of measurement technique
  • Metrology
  • Machine Learning
My experience working on nuclear fusion research confirms a knowledge gap in the understanding of typical challenges likely to be faced in a fusion reactor. In order to bridge this gap, students need to be given the right explosion to the subject area. This will not only increase their employable but also increase the potential fusion relevant projects. I have given talks on the above subject area both in UK and Africa universities.
As a Visiting Professor, I aim to work with the students over the three years enriching their course work with real project examples and strengthening their understanding of the needs of nuclear fusion industry.
5. Wales and the west  General industrial Instrumentation including Flow measurement , Temperature measurement , Level measurement technology, Pressure Measurement, Gas chromatography, Control System Design , PLC DCS SCADA control systems , Control Valve Technology, PID Control Theory , Process Safety subjects , SIL determination , Process pipework and more 
I am a semi retired Chartered Engineer , who has spent 30 years in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry with extensive mentoring experience and graduate training programs with large companies such as BP and Total.
I now work as an Engineering consultant and advisor to various industries in the South Wales area enabling me to keep up with ongoing technical developments.
I have enjoyed working and teaching Engineering graduates and feel I have a lot to offer any institution to assist in the learning and development of young people.
6. East Midlands Instrumentation design and engineerIng, pressure, temperature and flow measurements, in the oil and gas industry in the UK, hazardous area equipment to meet the DSEAR/ATEX requirements, telemetry systems, PLC’s, Intrinsically safe compatibility, safety related equipment (SIL), instrumentation installation, testing and commissioning. I’m flexible, and open to any reasonable instrumentation request, to pass on my nearly 30 years of knowledge of working in the UK gas industry, from installation, maintenance, and design work.
7. East Midlands Instrumentation Design in Hazardous Area in the Gas Industry in the UK, Hazardous Area Equipment to meet the DSEAR/ATEX requirements, Telemetry Systems, Intrinsically Safe compatibility, Safety Related Equipment (SIL), Instrumentation Testing and Commissioning.

I have been working in the UK in the Gas Industry for the last 38 years (24 years directly employed by British Gas/Transco/National Grid and last 14 years a Contractor) in the Instrumentation Design, Approving Designs to National  Grid Standards, Telemetry Configuration and Site Commissioning.

 8. London and within 30 mile radius of Edgware 

Electronic Microchip:

  • VHDL
  • Verilog
  • FPGA
  • ASIC
  • Xilinx
  • Altera
  • MicroSemi
  • Questasim
  • Modelsim
  • Verification
A graduate of Imperial College and Cardiff University, with over 25 years experience in Electronics and microchip design/ verification across UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany and USA. Also an author of an upcoming book on microchip design and verification.
 9. UK wide
Structural Engineering - particularly bridges.
Concept design for new bridges, engineering investigations for defective bridges across the range - historic timber and masonry, reinforced and precast concrete, steel and wrought / cast iron.
45+ years experience - Civil Engineering, research, teaching, and now independent consulting engineer in Melbourne. I visit the UK for 3 weeks (negotiable) each year to visit family. 
Experience with major multi-national consultants, specialists, local authorities, universities.
10. UK
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Planning
Lecturing; Supervising; Mentoring;  - in the following areas:
  • Public Transport Planning and Operations (particularly Bus & Coach)
  • Transport Networks and Transport Systems
  • Public Transport Information and Ticketing Systems
  • Passenger Transport Interchanges
  • Mobility Hubs
  • User Needs
  • Web and Social Media Strategies for Public Transport
  • Demand-Responsive Transport
  • Mobility as a Service
  • Sustainable Transport
11. UK wide
Geotechnical engineering, in particular:
  • Analysis & design of safe, sustainable and resilient geotechnical infrastructure (shallow & deep foundations, retaining walls, embankments and slopes, tunnels, etc.) compliant with relevant standards and codes of practice
  • Numerical modelling of complex geotechnical problems
  • Ground investigations
  • Management of geotechnical processes & professional practice
  • Use of transformative information technology in geo-engineering, including sensors and monitoring of critical infrastructure, data mining and BIM.
A graduate of Cambridge University with extensive experience in the design and construction of geotechnical infrastructure in the rail, highway, onshore oil and gas & offshore wind sectors. In addition, I am a registered ground engineering specialist and chartered civil engineer with the ICE.
I am keen to share my knowledge & experience to equip students with the technical skills required for successful careers in industry. Possessing a flexible approach, I am able to give lectures with examples derived from multi-disciplinary real-life projects, deliver presentations on case studies, supervise design projects, contribute to curriculum development and/or oversee seminars and workshops.
12. UK wide
  • Engineering Manager/Leadership skills
  • Control and instrumentation
  • Engineering within Nuclear Fusion
I have over 15 years of experience working with major engineering industries and institutes at various levels, most of which had been leading teams of expert engineers and skilled technicians.
My technical expertise lies within engineering controls and instrumentation in power stations, automotive structural, emissions test labs along with UK’s Nuclear Fusion experiment machine “MAST-U”.
I am keen to share leadership, communication, delegation, relationship building skills, use of practical problem solving and RCA techniques like 8D and 5-Whys. As a member of IEC, BSI, IET/InstMC I can offer talk on importance of standards and on technical writing and presentation skills.
13. UK wide
  • Embedded systems
  • Electronic product development
  • Digital transformation
  • Solution architecture
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart/City/Home/Grid
'Hands-on' in the electronics and technology industries for over 18 years, I've worked with a range of clients, across a variety of industrial sectors, higher education and government - helping to harness technology, drive innovation and bring product to market.
Today's technologies permeate every aspect of our lives and are upending 'business as usual'. Future engineers’ knowledge will not only need to cover these technologies, but also provide context on how they fit into or shape business models. I'm keen to share my experiences of implementing these disruptive technologies, to help equip students to meet evolving and expanding industry needs.
14. London and Southeast 
  • Design of building services for commercial, residential, educational and listed buildings
  • Concept design of services packages in nuclear power plants, healthcare and penitentiary facilities
  • Sustainable design and accreditation e.g. BREEAM, LEED, WELL
  • Renewable energy technologies and energy efficient design
  • Heating, Ventilation, Cooling and Public Health Systems; Water and Drainage
  • Lighting, Small Power, Fire Strategy, UPS and Generators
  • Availability, Reliability, Maintainability  of Critical Facilities
  • Multidisciplinary coordination between building services, architecture, structural and civil design
  • Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA)
  • Working internationally with multicultural teams
  • Digital Engineering
  • BIM Level 2
  • Project Management including contract, cost, risk and change management
  • Networking
  • Project Bids
  • Construction Design Management  (CDM)  and Health, Safety and Environmental Regulations
I am a professionally registered Chartered Engineer, Fellow of CIBSE and EUR ING with FEANI. I currently practice as an associate consultant for one of the world's most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies and bring 14 years of practical experience covering RIBA stages 0-7, Concept to In-use for the built environment.
I am fluent in engineering French having lived, studied and worked in France and Switzerland and have extensive experience leading and working with multi-discipline and multicultural teams.
I would like to share best practice technical and commercial knowledge with the next generation of engineers to inspire them to be collaborative leaders for the challenges we face.
15. London and Southeast 
Rail Engineering
  • Railway Infrastructure Design / Engineering / Construction / Operation & Maintenance  
  • Permanent Way (ballasted / ballastless track)
  • Noise & Vibrations 
  • Vehicle & Track Interaction
  • Asset Performance Monitoring & Management
Project & Programme Management, with special emphasis on:
  • Business case development
  • Leadership 
  • Integration management
  • High risk project & programme management 
I am a seasoned project manager (CEng MAPM PMP®) with extensive experience in integrating and delivering complex, high-profile projects, spanning from large scale infrastructure undertakings to research and development, and business transformation initiatives for both private and public customers in the infrastructure sector. I currently work for a major UK engineering consultancy.  
I hold a PhD in Railway Engineering and a MSc in Transport & Infrastructure. I have conducted and published research in the field of rail engineering, have been long involved in academia and I am an independent peer-review expert for EU research projects.  
16. North West
  • Regulation of electrical and control and instrumentation (C&I) engineering in the nuclear sector covering judgements on the acceptability of design, installation, operation, use and maintenance of key safety systems, including engineered support systems. 
  • Proven expertise in safety engineering, including functional safety, derived from working as a design engineer in industry and as a principal specialist health and safety inspector. This covers a  wide portfolio in safety engineering ranging from industrial automation, machinery and process safety through to nuclear safety. 
  • As a prospective VP, I aim to work with the students enriching their awareness with real project examples and strengthening their understanding of the needs of industrial safety engineering.

My regulatory experience has identified challenges this brings to developing innovative safety technologies for hazardous industries and practically judging the adequacy of complex C&I-based safety systems/equipment to meet industry’s ambitions. To bridge these gaps students should be given exposure to the demands of working in challenging regulatory environments to help deliver innovative solutions that can make a difference in protecting people and society. This will help to increase potential employability within major engineering projects in the hazardous industries and nuclear sectors. I have provided presentations on the above subjects at a range of forums in both the UK and overseas.






17. London, South East and East of England
  • Civil and Structural Engineering Mechanics
  • Civil and Structural Engineering Design
  • Engineering Sustainability and Modern technology
  • Structural Analysis
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Construction Project Management
  • Advanced Structural Analysis
  • Computational Structural Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics and Applications to Earthquake Engineering and Vibration
  • Concrete Structure and Design
  • Steel Structure and Design
  • Composite structure and Design
  • Timber and Masonry Structure and Design  
  • Materials 
  • Blast and Impact Effects on Structures
I graduated at the Politecnico of Bari (Italy) in 2003 and gained my MSc in Structural Engineering at Nottingham University in 2006. 
I have over 15 years working for large firms like Arup, WSP and Waterman, being involved on a large variety of projects as well as tutoring graduates.
I become chartered member in Italy (MOIBA) and UK as (MICE and MCABE).  
I can offer is 15+ years of experience in design and management, strong technical background and extraordinary passion for structural engineering design and construction. Solving problems is the key of our profession and students must learn this art.
18. Universities located in Greater London and the South-East

Electronics Engineering and communication electronics

  • Semiconductor devices
  • Communication systems
  • Controls Engineering
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Microwaves technologies
  • Digital electronics
  • Applied ultrasonic and composite materials
  • Product manufacturing and logistic
  • Communication and leadership
  • Project Management (Prince 2)
  • Organiser of presentations, seminars and workshops
  • HVAC systems expertise

After graduation with an MEng in Electronics engineering from Politecnico of Bari , in 2005 I gained an MSc in Communication electronics at Nottingham University. 

Then, I won 1 year bursary research on composite materials at Ultrasonic lab Nottingham University.

Work experience in manufacturing sector started in 2007, I joined Uniflair international and Carrier corporation as EMEA product manager.

I covered leadership roles within Engineering Institutions, IET and CIBSE, as regional chair and Council member.

As VP, I offer strong technical background in electronics alongside practical approach to manufacturing engineering.

I aim to inspire students and share passion for engineering.

19. UK wide
My aim as a VP is to deliver lectures and hands-on activities where the focus is on translating theory into practice e.g.
  • Theoretical principles of vibration
  • Measurement and analysis of machinery vibrations
  • Types of vibrations that affect machinery
  • Methods to control and solve vibration problems on machinery.
  • Use of experimental modal analysis to identify and solve structural dynamic problems
  • Vibration analysis as a tool for predictive maintenance 
  • The design of vibration resistant machines

I am Company Director and Senior Engineer with over 30 years’ experience in the analysis & solution of structural dynamics problems affecting all types of machinery including machine tools amongst many others. I have provided consultancy/research to some of the largest companies in the world from various sectors of industry, including major operators in Aluminium & Steel, Aerospace, Automotive and Machine Tools building, where the key emphasis is on eliminating vibrations that affect product quality. I am the author of a novel vibration detection system currently used by many companies worldwide. I am keen to share my practical experience of this important engineering subject that I feel should be studied by every engineering student.



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Available prospective universities for VPs

No. University Subject area(s) needed Description of request
 1. Edinburgh Napier University
  • Industry 4.0
  • Assistive Technology
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Control Systems Design
  • Automation
  • Robotics
  • Engineering Mathematics
The School of Engineering & the Built Environment will put students and teaching at the heart of everything we do.  Our focus will be on delivering excellent teaching, which incorporates the most up-to-date research and applied skills, to maximise our students’ employability.  Our industrial links will ensure a relevant student experience and drive forward our research activities.  Innovative teaching methods mean our students will gain practical hands-on experience throughout their studies and will graduate with the knowledge and skills sought after by industry.  
We are looking for the experienced industrial engineers and entrepreneurs to participate and contribute our new two common engineering programme innovation and development.
 2. Brunel University London

Fire science, engineering and safety

  • thermofluids
  • heat transfer
  • design
  • management
  • risk
  • modelling,

with direct application in Building Services Design and Energy in Buildings

The VP will join an active academic team to teach, supervise and mentor Master of science and undergraduate students who are studying Engineering topics with particular interest in Building Services design and management. The VP can be involved in any of the following areas: Fire Safety Systems, Building Heat Transfer and HVAC systems design and selection. Contribution to the development of teaching materials and online modules will also be expected. The VP can also contribute to publishing in international journal or professional magazines or even books if this is an interest. The University benefits from an excellent link with the industry and the VPO can also make a contribution to this link. 
 3. Brunel University London
  • Water and environmental engineering 
  • Circular economy 
  • Flooding and flood risk
  • Fire safety, structural engineering, structural Integrity
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Predictive maintenance and systems resilience safety 

The student-centred ethos of College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences (CEDPS) is to continuously adapt and evolve its programmes thanks to its strong relationship with the industry. Its core research led teaching programmes combine classical syllabus with the modern challenges and needs of the industry in the modern digital economy. CEDPS is adjusting its high-quality learning material to embed the environmental challenges of the future engineers. By employing highly experienced VPs from industry, the College opens new horizons to learners to fully visualise and appreciate the application of their knowledge in real professional environments.



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