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Available prospective Visiting Professors

No. Geographical area for placement Subject area(s) you can offer Description of offer
 1. London I lead the Fire Safety Team in a large international architectural and engineering practice. I specialise in fire science, engineering and safety (thermofluids, heat transfer, design, management, risk, modelling). Background in civil and structural engineering. 

I am flexible, depending on the needs of the role. I am happy to give guest presentations or lectures, mentor and supervise individual or group work, give  weekly seminars or tutorials or critique projects and group work. 

2. London and surrounding counties  Smart/Intelligent Real Estate
In recent years, the notion of smart/intelligent real estate has grown exponentially with courses now formally being offered in select universities and almost all major real estate developers making it their priority due to the promise of cost savings and improved efficiencies.    
I have 08 years experience in this area, first with a leading engineering consultancy working on projects all over the world, and now with the largest property developer in the UK. My aim is to help universities provide industry insights in this area (with potential implications in the area of smart cities as well) to their students. This ranges from data consolidation and processing to operational requirements and building user needs. 
3. North West and London Area

Renewable fuels, sustainability and circular economy.

I have experience on bioethanol, biodiesel and anaerobic digestion.

I have experience on reducing the environmental footprint of industrial activities through optimising processes via a continuous improvement philosophy. I am particularly interested in delivering an industrial focus approach in education.
I will be able to supervise projects and participate in workshops.
4. Midlands or south 
  • Nuclear fusion 
  • Non-destructive testing of components 
  • Structural integrity of components
  • Qualification of measurement technique
  • Metrology
  • Machine Learning
My experience working on nuclear fusion research confirms a knowledge gap in the understanding of typical challenges likely to be faced in a fusion reactor. In order to bridge this gap, students need to be given the right explosion to the subject area. This will not only increase their employable but also increase the potential fusion relevant projects. I have given talks on the above subject area both in UK and Africa universities.
As a Visiting Professor, I aim to work with the students over the three years enriching their course work with real project examples and strengthening their understanding of the needs of nuclear fusion industry.
5. Wales and the west  General industrial Instrumentation including Flow measurement , Temperature measurement , Level measurement technology, Pressure Measurement, Gas chromatography, Control System Design , PLC DCS SCADA control systems , Control Valve Technology, PID Control Theory , Process Safety subjects , SIL determination , Process pipework and more 
I am a semi retired Chartered Engineer , who has spent 30 years in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry with extensive mentoring experience and graduate training programs with large companies such as BP and Total.
I now work as an Engineering consultant and advisor to various industries in the South Wales area enabling me to keep up with ongoing technical developments.
I have enjoyed working and teaching Engineering graduates and feel I have a lot to offer any institution to assist in the learning and development of young people.
6. East Midlands Instrumentation design and engineerIng, pressure, temperature and flow measurements, in the oil and gas industry in the UK, hazardous area equipment to meet the DSEAR/ATEX requirements, telemetry systems, PLC’s, Intrinsically safe compatibility, safety related equipment (SIL), instrumentation installation, testing and commissioning. I’m flexible, and open to any reasonable instrumentation request, to pass on my nearly 30 years of knowledge of working in the UK gas industry, from installation, maintenance, and design work.
7. East Midlands Instrumentation Design in Hazardous Area in the Gas Industry in the UK, Hazardous Area Equipment to meet the DSEAR/ATEX requirements, Telemetry Systems, Intrinsically Safe compatibility, Safety Related Equipment (SIL), Instrumentation Testing and Commissioning. I have been working in the UK in the Gas Industry for the last 38 years (24 years directly employed by British Gas/Transco/National Grid and last 14 years a Contractor) in the Instrumentation Design, Approving Designs to National  Grid Standards, Telemetry Configuration and Site Commissioning.

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Available prospective universities for VPs

No. University Subject area(s) needed Description of request

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