Visiting Professors Guide

All current awardees can find The Rough Guide to being a RAEng Visiting Professor, which acts as a handbook and can answer any queries you might have.

  The Rough Guide to being a Visiting Professor (613.61 KB)


Annual and Mid-year Reporting

The Academic Champion (or the assigned university contact) must provide an Annual Progress Report by July and Mid-year Data elements in February each year of the award.   The exact deadline dates can be found on your relevant cohort below.  The report will be reviewed and must be satisfactory for further payments to be released.

The Annual Reports must be submitted to the Academy on the online system by logging into your account and accessing the RAEng Portal page on the top right of the screen or clicking here. You do not need to complete the report in one sitting as you may save your work as you go along. Full and essential guidelines are provided in the relevant documents below for each report type.  You must use the template below to submit your annual report. 

Essential guidance notes for Visiting Professors: annual reports (90.23 KB)

Essential guidance notes for Visiting Professors: mid-year data reports (72.63 KB)

Visiting Professors annual report template (21.79 KB)

Visiting Professors Expenditure spreadsheet template (19.20 KB)

For exact deadlines and when each type of report is needed please click on your relevant cohort at the bottom of the page.


If you have any questions, please contact Stylli Charalampous.