Industry Academia Partnership Programme

Under its remit as a delivery partner of the Newton Fund, the Academy partnered with the National Agency for Technological Development to enhance engineering teaching, research and innovation capacity in Kazakhstan through building bilateral industry-academia linkages. This programme also aimed to foster greater ties between innovation stakeholders in both countries.

The Industry Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP) aimed to support Kazakh universities in improving their engineering education and research output through partnership with industry and UK stakeholders. The programme is based upon the premise that increased links between industry and higher education can improve quality and foster innovation within the pedagogy and practice of engineering. This will in turn enhance the employability of graduates and encourage technology transfer into industry.

The Programme offered support for travel, subsistence and salary costs related to collaborative activities among industry and academic partners in Kazakhstan and the UK which meet one or more of the IAPP's outcome areas:

  1. Strengthened collaboration in research and knowledge-sharing between the partner country university and industry institutions and with counterparts in/ from the UK;
  2. Enhanced industry input into engineering curricula and educational practice within partner country universities to improve uptake of practical engineering skills and enhance graduate employability;
  3. Enhanced capacity of engineering educators within partner country universities to teach course content and use novel pedagogical methods to upskill graduates;
  4. Building of working, mutually-beneficial models of cooperation between industry and academia for replication in partner countries; and
  5. Improved capacity of partner country institutions to learn from their experiences in industry-academia linkages and to share lessons with others.

This programme is now closed for applications. For any questions concerning the programme, please contact Shaarad Sharma or the International team.

RAEng-NATD MOU Signing

David Thomlinson FREng and Sanzhar Izteleuov, Chairman of the NATD Board

On 3rd November, 2015 the Academy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Agency for Technological Development (NATD) of Kazakhstan. The MOU was co-signed by the Academy's International Secretary, David Thomlinson FREng and Sanzhar Izteleuov, Chairman of the NATD's Board during the visit of Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev to the UK.