Industry Academia Partnership Programme

Under its remit as a delivery partner of the Newton Fund, the Academy has partnered with RISTEKDIKTI to enhance engineering teaching, research and innovation outcomes in Indonesian universities through building bilateral industry-academia linkages. This programme also aims to foster greater ties between engineering research and innovation stakeholders in both countries.

Our overall objective for the Programme is to strengthen capacity and develop capabilities within Indonesian engineering higher education and research institutions to carry out excellent teaching, research and innovation-related activities through collaboration with industry and UK counterparts.

Through this Programme the Academy aims to support case studies of excellence in bilateral collaboration which in themselves will generate significant long term benefit, as well as produce models replicable by others and generate lessons which can help inform bilateral and national-level higher education, research and innovation policy. For more information on the Programme, please view the Programme Brochure or the following project case study:

Reducing plastic and improving waste management in Indonesia

This programme is now closed for applications.  

Types of activities supported

This call offers financial support for travel, subsistence and salary support costs related to visits and exchanges that support collaborative activities amongst industry and academic partners in Indonesia and the UK. Under this call we will support proposals that fit with one or more of the IAPP’s identified outcome areas:

  1. Enhanced industry input into engineering curricula and teaching in Partner Country universities to improve the quality and uptake of practical engineering skills and help develop a talent pipeline for emerging and/ or currently skill-scarce industries;
  2. Develop new partnerships and strengthen bilateral collaboration in engineering research and knowledge-sharing between industry and academia counterparts to develop new capabilities within Partner Country universities;
  3. Formation of deep, strategic bilateral partnerships between industry and academia around application-inspired engineering research and innovation which aims to solve economic and social development challenges faced by Partner Countries or globally; and 
  4. Improved industry-academia interface to help systemically foster deeper engagement amongst actors in the innovation eco-systems of both countries and create different models of industry-academic engagement for wider sharing and adoption.

The lead applicant will be an individual at a Indonesian university which must propose a means of collaboration with co-applicants that meet the above-identified Programme outcome areas. Co-applicants must include at least one local industry partner and at least one UK university or research institution partner. Additional partners are not obliged but are encouraged, especially the involvement of UK industry partners.

Industry partners are defined broadly and may be institutions of any size within private, public or NGO sectors.

As a result of the call, a series of grants in the range of GBP £10,000 to GBP £50,000 will be issued. The project duration will not exceed 24 months, including all project activities and final reporting. The proposed start date for the project must be within February or March 2018 and all projects, including submission of reports, must be completed by end of February 2020.

Selected applicants will also benefit from access to technology development grants offered by Ristekdikti to help advance innovation-oriented projects.