UK-China Industry Academia Partnership Programme

Under its remit as a delivery partner of the Newton Fund, the Academy has has partnered with the Chinese Academy of Engineering in the implementation of the UK-China Industry Academia Partnership Programme to build bilateral industry-academic linkages which aims to support Chinese universities in improving their engineering research and innovation output through strengthening industry linkages – specifically with SMEs - and leveraging and creating links with UK expertise. The programme is based upon the premise that deep, strategic links between industry and universities with long time horizons can foster use-inspired research and breakthrough engineering innovation. This programme also aims to create deeper ties between innovation stakeholders in both countries.

The Industry Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP) aims to strengthen the capacity of Chinese universities to contribute to disruptive technological innovation through strategic partnership with industry, specifically SMEs, and UK stakeholders. Both Academies working together through this Programme aim to support case studies of excellence in bilateral innovation collaboration which in themselves will generate significant long-term benefit, as well as produce models replicable by others and generate lessons which can help inform bilateral and national-level research and innovation policy. For more information on the Programme, please view the Programme Brochure and and see the following project case study:

Reducing emissions in energy generation in China

This programme is now closed for applications. 

Types of activities supported

This call will offer support for travel, subsistence and salary costs related to collaborative activities among industry and academic partners in China and the UK. Proposals must aim to further one or more of the IAPP's outcome areas:

  1. Enhance strategic research linkages between business and university partners within country and counterparts in the UK to promote bilateral, use-inspired engineering research in the medium and longer term.
  2. Promote knowledge and best practice sharing between universities and businesses in both countries, to inform engineering research and enhance its practical impact.
  3. Improve business-university interface to help systemically foster deeper engagement amongst actors in the innovation eco-systems of both countries and create different models of business-university engagement for wider sharing and adoption.

The lead applicant will be an individual at a Chinese university which must propose a means of collaboration with co-applicants that meet the above-identified Programme outcome areas. Co-applicants must include at least one Chinese SME and one UK university respectively to meet eligibility requirements. Additional partners are welcome and encouraged - applications which also involve a Chinese State Owned Enterprise, Regional Chinese Universities and UK businesses will be looked upon favourably.

As a result of the call, a series of grants of up to GBP £100,000 will be issued. The project duration will not exceed 24 months, including all research activities and final reporting. 

For this scheme, we require that the applying consortia for this grant cumulatively match fund the requested award amount at least in full.

The Recipients of grant funding will be expected to provide all parties with sufficient resources to enable the programme of activities to take place. Partners within applications should make such financial arrangements before the application is submitted, and evidence of such will be required at the contractual stage.