HEP SSA is now closed for applications.

All applications must be submitted via the online grants system. Applications can only be submitted by the Lead Applicant. Please read the guidance notes before starting your application.

Online grants system (you must register an account).

HEP SSA Budget template (15.24 KB)

HEP SSA Gantt chart template (17.54 KB)

The Higher Education Partnerships in sub-Saharan Africa programme's aim is to strengthen engineering education through structured partnerships, both industry-academia and UK-African. 

Where partnerships with a UK organisation already exist, applicants are encouraged to use these. However, the Royal Academy of Engineering can make introductions so that potential partners can scope whether the match is right before embarking on an application together. If you would like to be matched up with potential partners, please follow one of the links below: 

  • Click here if you represent an African higher education institution seeking an introduction to a UK partner
  • Click here if you represent a UK organisation seeking introduction to an African partner


HEP SSA Webinar 2019

This webinar was created to provide you useful tips, hints and more information on what the Academy is looking for from a successful HEP SSA application.

HEP SSA 2019-2021 Guidance Notes 2.1 (1.94 MB)


For any questions concerning the application or the online applications system, please contact Catriona MacArthur or the International Team.