Here are some recent projects that have benefitted from Ingenious funding. Read more to find out what they achieved, lessons learned and their plans for the future.

Guerilla Science

The Fire Organ – which shoots out jets of flame in response to musical tones – formed the centrepiece of a participatory workshop delivered at festivals, schools and a community centre.

Foundation for Jobs

Activities delivered to college, secondary and primary aged children focused on engineering, one of Darlington Borough’s key employment sectors.

CHaOS Roadshows

Roadshows that used hands-on experiments to enthuse and excite visitors about science, engineering and technology, and gave undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to develop their skills in communicating to a variety of audiences.

SMASHfestUK: Earth and Sky tour

SMASHfestUK took their Survival Village to underserved areas of England encouraging participants to solve problems caused by natural disasters through engineering


Imagineer challenged perceptions of engineering through theatre, music and performance.