This five-year Fellowship was based on the highly successful Research Fellowship scheme and designed in 2009 in collaboration with Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) to give a highly capable and innovative engineer the opportunity to investigate techniques for the management, absorption or dissipation of the energy associated with large blast or impact loadings in order to minimise structural damage. The emphasis was to be on the investigation of novel and innovative engineering methods rather than the development of new materials. The scheme aims to ensure the UK continues to nurture sufficient home-grown talent and skills to support and deliver an independent military research strategy.

The Fellowship provides opportunities to work with the research, development and modelling teams within Dstl and potentially leading on to collaborations with some of Dstl’s industrial and academic partners.

Following a competitive peer review and interview process Dr Benjamin Russell of Cambridge University was selected as the single awardee for his work on Energy Mitigation in Blast and Impact Loading.

For more information on Dr Russell’s work, please see his website.

Dr Benjamin Russell's website