Further details on current and recent Enterprise Fellows can be found on the Enterprise Hub website.


Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Ilan Adler

University College London EcoNomad - Fuelling a Sustainable Future

Dr Richard Ahlfeld

Imperial College London UQuant - Combining AI and Engineering Simulations

Dr Mihai Caleap

University of Glasgow Metasonics - spatial sound modulation

Dr Tian Carey

University of CambridgeWISE. - Wearable and Intelligent Smart-textile Electronics

Dr Liam Donovan

Queen Mary University of London Bela - High-Performance Embedded Computing for Makers

Dr Florence Gschwend

Imperial College London Chrysalix Technologies

Dr Amber Hill

University College LondonNeurobridge

Dr Eoin Hyde

University College LondonInnersight - Bringing medical images to life

Dr Edmund Kay

University of Cambridge An Intelligent Stethoscope

Dr Kitty Liao

Imperial College LondonIdeabatic Ltd - Ideabatic's SMILE for temperature-sensitive products

Dr Li Ping Lu

University of ExeterGraphExe Technologies. - transparent, flexible and ultra-lightweight material able to conduct electricity

Dr David McKee

University of LeedsMassive-Scale Simulation Integration Eco-System

Dr Alexander Patto

University of CambridgeWaterScope - enabling simple, affordable, bacterial testing

Dr Keith Pullen

City University LondonGyrocity - Flywheel Energy Storage System

Dr Johnathan Siviter

University of BristolThermoelectric Conversion Systems Ltd - High Efficiency Cooling of Datacentres

Dr Pae Natwilai Trik

Imperial College LondonTrik - 3D Reporting system for structural inspection


ERA Enterprise Fellowships

Jack Pearson

Eng-XEnabling the production of custom products


1851 Royal Commission Enterprise Fellowships

Tara Massoudi

ZybaEcological Coastal Protection that Generates Electricity

Atif Syed

NetrologixNovel electronic skin – Nanskin

Hsin-Hua Yu

AergoResponsive Postural Management System



Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Enass Abo-Hamed

Imperial College LondonH2GO - Hydrogen-storage 'plug and play' units for clean and consistent power

Dr Felicity de Cogan

Birmingham UniversityNitroPep - antibacterial steel, killing bacteria on contact

Dr Patrick Dodds

Swansea UniversityHexigone Inhibitors Ltd - novel chrome-free inhibiting pigments

Dr Rob Oldfield

University of SalfordSALSA Sound - the future of live sports audio

Dr Phi Phan

University of OxfordInspiwave - a non-invasive cadriopulmonary monitoring technology

Dr Paul De Sciscio

University of CambridgeCambridge Cardiology - developing catheter-based treatments for valvular heart disease

Dr Katerina Spranger

University College LondonCorrect Stent - precise stenting, making vascular surgeries with stent implants more accurate and safe

Dr Chris Williamson

University of CambridgeFlexypix - switchable window panels with high efficiency


ERA Enterprise Fellowships

Oluwaseyi Sosanya

Gravity SketchAn Intuitive 3D creation tool


1851 Royal Commission Enterprise Fellowships

Guillem Buxarrais

Neurofenix A novel medical device for accessible and enjoyable post-stroke rehabilitation

Victoria Hamiliton

Recoil Knee PadsReducing knee damage for manual trades professionals

George Wright

VochleaVocally controlled interfaces for music production



Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Alexander Enoch

University of EdinburghRobotical Ltd: Programmable 3D printed robot

Dr Andrew Marsden

Cambridge UniversityImmaterial: Nano-materials for gas storage and separation

Dr Damien Coyle

Ulster UniversityNeuroCONCISE: 'Movement-free’ communication for the physically impaired

Dr Nicholas Everdall

University College LondonReal-time optical imaging of the human brain

Dr Oliver Stevens

University of BristolOn-the-spot cancer screening

Dr Samuel Chapman

Heriot Watt University‘Breathing’ bricks that reduce waste in the construction sector

Dr Silo Meoto

University College LondonAerograft: Bone grafting in dentistry

Dr Yunjia Li

University of SouthamptonSynote: Software to automate transcription


ERA Enterprise Fellowships

Sorin Popa

Imperial College LondonStent Tek: Improving outcomes for haemodialysis patients

Runners up:
James CarrollUniversity of Strathclyde
X Rotor Wind Turbine: Making offshore wind cost effective
Dr Kai YangUniversity of Southampton
Fabric electrode for wearable applications


1851 Royal Commission Enterprise Fellowships

Henrik Hagemann

CustoMem Customised membranes for the treatment of polluted water

Jack Hooper

doppel Wearable to help users keep calm or stay alert

Ming Kong

Tangi0 Smart 3D sensing material to replace buttons and trackpads

Yang Lu

Vivacity Labs Intelligent cameras for better transport planning



Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Toby Basey-Fisher

Imperial College LondonAnemiStat: redefining the diagnosis of anemia at the point of care

Dr Jack Cohen

University of WarwickMultiple fingertip tracking in three dimensions for computer interaction

Dr Thomas Frame

University of SurreyThe Halo System for aesthetic and cosmetic enhancement

Dr David Hazafy

Queen's University BelfastCreating smart materials with photocatalysts

Dr Stephen Hicks

University of OxfordSmart glasses for blind and partially-sighted individuals

Dr Nicola Irwin

Queen's University BelfastUroglide: lubricious catheter coatings

Dr Angus Webb

University of SouthamptonUsing big data to reduce commercial fuel consumption 


ERA Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Matthew Murray

University of LeedsAlpin: Advanced anti-counterfeiting with laser plasma implants

Runners up:
Dr George FrodshamUCL
Magnetic haemofiltration to treat malaria
Dr Peiman HosseiniUniversity of Oxford
Phase change materials for disruptive optoelectronics
Bethan Wolfenden and Philipp BoeingUCL



Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Ben Kingsbury

Imperial College LondonCeramic hollow-fibre catalytic converter for automotive emissions control

Dr Richard Nock

University of BristolConfigurable time to digital converter for medical imaging, laser radar and laboratory instrumentation

Dr Philip Orr

University of StrathclydeSynaptec: Distributed photonic sensing for smart grids

Dr Loren Picco

University of BristolThe future of nanoscale microscopy – The high-speed atomic force microscope

Dr Daniel Plant

Imperial College LondonHip protection for osteoporosis patients

Dr Sithamparanathan Sabesan

University of CambridgePervasive accurate passive RFID tracking

Professor Jon Timmis

University of YorkAutoimmune disease modelling and predication for diagnosis, monitoring and drug development

Dr Ian Wakeman

University of SussexDigital Stadium


ERA Enterprise Fellowships

Dr David Heath

University of StrathclydeAnti-ageing cream applicator


Dr James MacFarlane and Dr Oliver Payton

University of BristolRemote nuclear accident inspection system

Runner up:
Dr Mark SymesUniversity of Glasgow
An Integrated Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cell Platform (PROMISE)



Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Damian Gardiner

University of CambridgePrintable lasers for anti-counterfeit applications

Professor Janice Kiely

University of the West of EnglandMagneto immuno-assay technology for food safety testing

Dr Adar Pelah

University of YorkAsuuta: Medical and consumer technology for gait analysis, rehabilitation and training

Dr Stephen Smith

University of YorkDiagnosing, differentiating and monitoring neurodegenerative diseases


ERA Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Reuben Wilcock and Robert Rudolf

University of SouthamptonWorld's first multi-core current clamp for domestic energy measurement


Dr Julien Reboud

University of GlasgowSAW Dx – Sound diagnostics anywhere



Enterprise Fellowships

Dr Peter Köllensperger

Imperial College LondonA diagnostic test platform for clinical use and home monitoring

Dr Daniel Elford

Loughborough UniversityNovel noise barrier technology

Dr Susannah Clarke

Imperial College LondonLow-cost, high-accuracy surgical instrumentation for acetabular cup alignment

Dr Neil Buchanan

Queen's University BelfastFlish – The flat satellite dish

Dr Joshua Reiss

Queen Mary University of LondonAutomatic music production system

Professor Rhodri Williams

Swansea UniversityNew test for early detection of blood clotting abnormalities

1851 Royal Commission Enterprise Fellowships

Henrik Hagemann

CustoMemCustomised membranes for the treatment of polluted water

Jack Hooper

doppelWearable to help users keep calm or stay alert

Ming Kong

Tangi0Smart 3D sensing material to replace buttons and trackpads

1851 Royal Commission Enterprise Fellowships

Henrik Hagemann

CustoMemCustomised membranes for the treatment of polluted water

Jack Hooper

doppelWearable to help users keep calm or stay alert

Ming Kong

Tangi0Smart 3D sensing material to replace buttons and trackpads